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Flax Seed Balls

Flax seed is rich in omega3. And you can have it when there is a sweet craving

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Sprouted Mung Gram with Mint

This is for people who doesnt like to eat sprouted mung dal/gram. The taste of the mint with the sprouted gram is really good.

Mung Dosa / Mung Pancake

It is a very tasty indian dish and is low on the calories also. The only drawback I would say about this recipe is that the mung/green gram has to be soaked for a long time, min 6-7hrs. Well, that will do until sm1 finds an instant recipe for this one.

Pepper Chicken - Kerala style

Kerala is a small state in southern part of India. And this dish is prepared in the kerala style. This is a recipe from my sister. U can find her recipes at http//