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Recipes I've Shared:

Hearty Vegetable Soup

Getting enough vegetables is always a challenge. This soup is low calorie and is chuck full of vegetables.

Macaroons My Way

Coconut is my favorite but it is high in calories so I worked to reduce the impact in my diet. Sort of the ""have your cake and eat it too" concept . The recipe can be further modified by using splenda instead of gradulated sugar. It works just as well. If you want to make them look festive add 1/4 piece of marachino cherry on top before baking.

I make them plain so those few calories were not calculated.

Luscious desert cups

A light luscious desert with few calories. Can be modified to suit your fruit tastes..experiment with mango, blueberry, rasberry, blackberry yogurts and compliment with fresh or frozen fruits. yummmmm