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Ramona's Vanilla Custard

Low Carb and Eggcelent

Ramona's Vanilla Custard

Low Carb and Eggcelent

Ramona's Chicken Salad

High protein, low fat

Ramona's Meat Loaf

Healthy and high Protien

Ramona's Vegetable beef soup

Great with corn bread as a main dish
Freezes well for individual servings

Ramona's Meat Loaf

Mix all ingredients together except for Tomato Sauce, place in a small loaf pan, sprayed with cooking oil spray. Form into a loaf with appx. an inch of space open on all sides. Pour 1 cup of tomato sauce over loaf. Cover with foil and cook for 45 minutes at 375 degrees. Remove from oven, pour out sauce, and pour 1 cup of fresh sauce and replace uncovered back into oven for 15 minutes.


A crunchy tasty bread. for a softer effect, use skim milk and add more flour. good for soups and chilli.

Ramona's Cole Slaw

Low Calorie
Low Fat
Low Carb
Quick & Easy

Ramona's Cabbage Soup

Light, tasty, low calorie

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Ramona’s Cookbook