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Recipes I've Shared:

Fruit Surprise Smoothie

man, i tell ya . this may or may not sound good to you but i made this for a brunch for some friends and my fiance and i , all loved it. So, hope you enjoy too.

Chocolate Banberrie Smoothie

This smoothie is filled with Vitamins and nutrients. An a great way to get your babies to take their vitamins and them not know it's actually good for them. An for us as adults on a diet but want something sweet or for a fast lite quick breakfast without Worry about calories!!

Incredible! (1 rating)


Peanut Butter Dream

The Calories that this calculator came up with is way wrong it is only 638 in calories and is best before and or after a workout.

Very Good (1 rating)

Amber's Home baked Goulosh

Healthy meal for the whole family.

Fan Made Biggest Loser style Smoothie

i gave it the name i did due to the fact of the protein powder i use that also has whey in it. But it has never been made by biggest loser. An the picture i have up is just a pic of my favorite protein powder i use.

Smoothie Lover

my fiance loved this, and so did I. was delicous!!! have fun.

Bill's Omlet

an healthy omlet that my fiance made me that is sooo delicious

Berrie Girls Gone Wild

Berrie Girls Gone Wild is great for after those hard workouts and you can add whey and a protein powder for that long lasting full belly feeling .

Amber's Homemade salsa

this is a recipe i been making for years.

Healthy Tuna Cassrole

This is a healthy tuna cassarole , that i personally make and my man loves it.

Eggplant Pizza

Tastey low Fat/ Low Cal and delicious


instead of raw onion i use green onion

Amber's Music Box Happy Salad

I call this Amber's Music Box Happy Salad because just like music makes me happy , makes me smile, and dance so does this salad and it works great.

Hot Homemade APPLE PIE

May not be exactly too healthy , but can be delicious for the holidays.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Perfect Protein Salad

This is the best way i could write out the ingriedients. This is a Protein salad that my local grocery store carries. This salad is dynamite and has actually been one of two salads that have turned my life around hope you like it as much as i do..enjoy!

A picture of it coming soon.

Amber's Family Kidney Bean Salad

This is a Kidney Bean Salad i came up with , that started with my ex mother in laws recipe, but i tweaked it to fit my tastes, and it has become a big hit at family parties. Its not real healthy but it, it tastes really good.

I make this for family picnics, thanksgiving, east, and christmas.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Healthy Life And Fun For Me and YOU
This Book is based off of a PCOS diet that i have found that has been working for me. An it is a low Calorie, Sea-food with high omega 3, and very high protein diet. So if you have PCOS this is the diet for you!