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Skillet Lasagna

This version is a quick version in which I had substituted prepared meatballs and jar sauce. This has Riccota & Mozerella Cheese. I prefer fresh ingredients but made this version because of what I had on hand this day and it came out tasty! I wanted to find the nutritonal info using these ingredients....

Very Good (1 rating)

I was looking for an easy recipe to make with my DayCare kiddlets. This was FUN and EASY. This is a repeat of a peanut butter cookie by *biggirl* with the suggestions from others & using ingredients that I had on hand (low sugar, low sodioum Jif) I wanted to get the nutrion info for my recipe.
I call them Amazing because I was skeptical about this recipe and was amazed that not only were they delicious but they are better than cookies WITH flour. I am not a big PB cookie fan but I am hooked on these -- hmm not sure if that is a GOOD thing! LOL!
My version made 36 "two bite" cookies which fit nicely in my plan. WARNING!!! These are dangerously delicious so proceed with CAUTION! :-D

Red Bean Chili By Macs

This is so much faster & easier than my old way of making chili.
I took this recipe from a can of Goya Small Red Beans and added my own preferred ingredients. I did not have Chili Seasoning at the time so I used Ortega Jalepeno Taco Spice Seasoning, but I calculated this using chili seasoning ( a whole packet) We like the heat if you don't -- use less seasoning You can subtract the 120 calories (from the entire recipe)
I used the small red beans AND Dark Red Kidney Beans I thought this tasted as good as Wendy's and my Husband said it is way BETTER! Bless his heart :-)

*Please note - this was made with Ground Chuck (the leanest that the store had) the recipe as is -- is about 37% fat.

Cabbage Soup

My mother used to make cabbage soup using Pork. I came up with this version to cut fat and calories, yet mimic the flavor of mom's (She use to add sour salt to her Pork version) .
This is something that I eat before meals.
Once in awhile I will add some pasta to it for a lunch.
If you like things on the tart side you will like it - if not then omit the sauerkraut and add Italian seasoned tomatoes intead of the plain.

This tastes better the next day and will freeze very well.
I used to take this for lunch when I worked outside the home.

Tuna & Bean Salad Ala Macs

This is my version of the Tuna & White Bean Salad that is featured on SP. Very colorful and packed with healthy protein and vitamins! Good amount of fiber too! You can add this to fresh spinach or romaine for a great salad or add 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta or rice.
I wanted something that would "travel" well.

Panko Chicken Romano

Quick tasty and easy recipe

Pineapple Fat Free Milk Shake

Quick and tasty pick me up and no fat. for that under 200 calorie snack. It is a good souce of vitamin D and Calcium with 7g of Protein.

Greek Vinagrette/Marinade

This recipe is from a box of Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing Mix.
You can use it on a salad or as a marinade.

Raspberry Vinagrette or Marinade

A recipe from the box of Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix


Some people call these Sloppy Joe's. I think that the canned sauce (manwich) is too tart to call them Authentic wimpies. This is on the sweeter side. This is a recipe that is as close to mom's as I could come up with. Unfortunately I never did ask her how to make them. You can substitue bottled or home canned Chili sauce(recommended) for the Tomato sauce (I do use it if I have it on hand but couldn't find it in the ingredient search) Serve it on whole wheat hamburger buns. (not included in nutrition count)
1/2 cup per serving.
You can use ground turkey or TVP I have tried both and prefer the extra lean ground beef.

Easy Italian Chicken

This is a easy recipe to make and tasty. My husband's Aunt Evelyn used to make this using 2 sticks of regular butter. I don't... You skip the bread crumbs but with the Dry Italian Salad dressing mix you won't miss it. The cheese add a little crispness to the chicken.
This recipe tastes better with thighs but if you want a really low fat then go ahead and try it with breasts. Just add a little chicken broth if you do and remember to count the nutrition for that.
I like to cook a large batch and eat even eat this cold when I need to up my protein intake it is ready to eat.

Diet Cola Chicken

Any variety of soda will do I have used Sam's brand with great sucess. I have made this several times for my family and made a large batch for my grand daughter's Christening Party -- people raved about it. You can vary from the recipe if you like. Trying 0 sodium soda or caffine free, I would recommend going with the Ketchup as is though as the Heinz ketchup really gives it a good flavor. I have added Franks Hot sauce to the recipe for a kick

Ms. Marianne's Tuna Salad

This is a recipe that I make for my Day Care kddlets. It is fast and easy. Chopped onions are not a kid friendly food for most, so the granulated/powder version is substituted. I usually add a slice of REAL American Cheese Toddlers need the fat for their brain function. I also add fresh baby spinach on the sandwich and serve on 12 Grain bread (not included in calculations) top it with chopped fresh baby spinach and serve with grape tomatoes.

Fiesta Rotini ala Macs

This recipe is from a box of Heartland 100% Whole Wheat Rotini. I needed to adjust the ingredients to adapt to SP food list, as well as my taste. I used red peppers instead of pepperoncini for more vitamins and my preferred taste. The serving size is 2 cups

Ms. Marianne's Meat Muffins

These are tastly little individual Meat loaves with discretely added vitamins and fiber.
They have been kid tested and they love them!

Cantaloupe Yogurt

Ever buy one of "those" cantaloupes? You know the ones that don't have much taste? Well when you process it the flavors release (mine did anyway) and I decided to add some vanilla yogurt to it.... It really does not need the sugar but I had already added it to make the melon taste better and I was going to make pops but made this instead. Pretty good if I must say so myself! ;-D

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter with Flaxseed

I bought a jar of natural pb with flax seed and wanted to try making it myself. I was VERY pleased with the results I am not a pb fan but THIS was very much to MY liking.
Since this is not as thick as commercial pb a little goes a long way.The recipe makes a total of half of a cup... 1 Tbsp covered a rice cake so my serving size suggestion is 1 tbsp.

Ms. Marianne's PB&B on Raisin Bread

I needed to add more protein and fat to my meal plan. I do not tolerate eggs well and I am not a big "meat" eater.
A quick and tasty breakfast. I have found by "under-toasting" the bread it holds together well.

Iced Green Tea Mixed Berry

I make my own ice tea - I get a variety of choices and can control the amount of and type of sweetner used. The recipe can be found on any box of tea. I just wanted to calculate the recipe to make it easier to add to my Meal Plan.
Skewer some fresh fruit (berries ) or lemon or orange slices and add as a garnish. Add extra calories from fruit if eaten.

Old Fashioned Oats in an Instant

I prefer to make my own instant oatmeal by taking my old fashioned oats and mixing them ahead of time. This is for a single serving but I often do larger batches. I put them in a ziplock bag or if I am going to eat away from home a small microwave container. Then all I need to do is add the water or milk (add the extra calories if using milk) to the bowl and microwave.
You can also grind the oats in a blender or food processor before adding the spices. (grinding the oats will help speed the cooking time)
I sometimes add a 1/2 tsp of vanilla as well.
Top with your favorite fruit and enjoy!

Vitamin C Packed Smoothie

I was having a problem getting in enough carbs for the day I made this smoothie to give me the carbs I need that is packed with vitamin C
I took fresh strawberries canned pineappple and mandarin oranges blended together.
Another food item that my Daycare children can enjoy as well. They love it.

Incredible! (3 ratings)
Breaded Pollock Fillets

mild fish

Very Good (1 rating)
Busy Woman's Halupki (unstuffed cabbage rolls)

Growing up I loved Halupki (stuffed cabbage rolls) and learned to make them the "authentic" way.... However I am always in a hurry. So I came up with this way to enjoy the flavor without all the fuss. Hey -- You don't have to cut them up this way! I have made these a varitey of ways from using prepared spaghetti sauce to this version - we prefer this way.
Sauerkraut can be added (just add the sodium to your count for the day)

Macs Grilled Cheese

This a just for a treat every once in a while. I sometimes substitute chopped spinach for the broccoli (I ususally use up leftovers)
I had always hated Grilled Cheese sandwiches but then one day I decided to get a little creative.
I use real butter. I choose not to eat chemicals if I can help it! ;) I will also mix up the cheese sometimes choosing something with a little more "kick" I have also dipped it in a scrambled egg for add protein.
Add a salad or cup of veggie soup & piece of fruit and you have a nice balance.

Ms. Marianne's Tasty Broccoli

This is they way that I prepare Brocolli that even my Day Care Children Love. My granddaughter has been loving this since she has been on whole foods.
Cooking in the microwave makes this fast and retains the vitamins....

Easy and Quick Spicy Salmon

This is truly a VERY easy and tasty Salmon one of my favorite ways to enjoy Salmon. It is SPICEY which normally my husband does not like -- but this he LOVES. I do this in the microwave, but it can be baked. I would advice against broiling because of the wine.
I used portioned Salmon straight from the Freezer and cook it on the Fish Seafood setting and usually add 1 minute and it is done. If you do not have that setting then 6-8 minutes on high will just about do it.
Note: 2 portions will yeild 4 servings.
I serve this with 2 veggies one starchy such as corn or baked potato and one green such as broccoli, or green beans, or brussel sprouts, or salad.
Note: Do not use cooking wine - it has too much sodium. IF wine is a problem - sub white grape juice.

Sloppy Joe Mac

Pasta with ground beef and Sloppy Joe Sauce
I used the ground beef that I had but I would suggest a leaner beef. I used this as a main dish and added a salad.