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Recipes I've Shared:

Sweet Mexi Taters baked with love

Invented for daughter and she loved them! She helped me make them!

Chicken Veggie Soup

This soup was created out of necessity. I was tired of buying canned soup with gross looking random chunks of meat, so I made my own rockin soup. I keep some out and freeze the rest!

Cabbagey Baked Cabbage Dish

I didn't think we were going to like this dish, but I was even loved by my 10 yr old!

Pulled Pork (Crock Pot)

SImple Apple Cider Vinegar Pulled Pork

Amish Slaw

Amish Community Slaw.

Soup - Veggie

test recipe for my own veggie soup.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Zucchini Hot Mess

Love this with spaghetti sauce on it!

Eggplant Simple Yummy Mess

My first eggplant experience and I ate a ton! It was AWESOME!

Cucumber salad

Great salad - light and fresh.

Split Pea Soup - Crockpot Version

This is a great soup to make on Sunday and reheat for lunch all week. This recipe leaves out the meat. You can add a dash of paprika on top of the bowl of soup!

Breakfast Muffins

Oatmeal, honey, and banana muffins

Roger's Birthday Cupcakes (24)

Happy Birthday cupcakes that are nutritionally friendly. They are still not super good for you, but you won't bust your calorie budget if you have one.

Roger's Extra Fancy Tuna Casserole (no cheese)

This recipe for tuna casserole is extra fancy, because it does not include cheese.

Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

Makes Turkey Meatloaf in freezable portions.

Roger's Sassy & Easy Chili

Everyone has their own chili recipe, here is mine. I like to add Kraft Free Cheddar Cheese and Fat Free Sour Cream, along with some Unsalted Top Saltines. This chili is very thick and filling. Enjoy!

Very Good (5 ratings)
Shredded Chicken Deluxe for Crockpot

Great topping for rice or noodles or wrapped in a torlilla!

Roger's Omelet

Simple Omelet, but very tasty. We have these for dinner.

Very Good (2 ratings)
General Tso's Chicken

Grilled chicken - light sauce, makes for healthier take out.

Italian Dressing

Good Seasons Italian dressing - less oil - more vinegar

Veggie Soup (low fat and low cal)

I love to make a big pot on the weekend and keep this in my fridge for days when my family want to be bad, but I want to be good. It is also great for a quick lunch. Removing the bouillion will cut the sodium down. I just use whatever veggies I have on hand.

Low Fat Tuna Pita Filler

Tuna is tasty, until you add all the junk. I skinnied down the additives for this recipe. I eat it with 1 romain leaf and 1/2 of a whole wheat pita.