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Publix Apron's Citrus Bearnaise Sauce

This is the sauce that goes with the Publix Apron's Cod Sauté With Citrus Béarnaise recipe.

Publix Apron's Tilapia Saute

This is a modification on the Publix Apron's Cod Saute Recipe without the Citrus Bearnaise.

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Balsamic Infused Turkey Breast Cutlets

Quick and easy dinner if you have some turkey in the freezer

Grace's Homemade Meatloaf

This is a Meatloaf that my wife makes. Usually it's made with .33 lbs of ground beef, pork and veal, but since we wanted to make it a bit healthier, we went with just the beef and turkey. We make all of the mixed ingredients in about 7 mini loaves so it's easier to store the leftovers.

Simple Caesar Salad

This is a simple Caesar salad. Nothing fancy

Steamed Vegetables with Grilled Shrimp

This recipe is a dish that is served at The Cinqo De Mayo Mexican Restaurant in the Nashville area.

Publix Harvester Salad

This salad is made at the deli counter at Publix. The recipe here is with Lower Sodium Turkey instead of the Smoked Turkey that it normally comes with.

Egg and Cheese Wrap

Cooking this recipe works best on a griddle.

Egg White Fiesta Omelet (Waffle House Inspired)

This is an Egg White omelet inspired by the Fiesta Omelet that is made at Waffle House.

This recipe works well with a very large skillet or griddle. It can be cooked with Pam or Vegetable Oil. You will need to add the use of oil since this recipe was made using Pam.

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Tri-Life Challenge
This cookbook contains recipes that I have created for a healthy lifestyle.