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Recipes I've Shared:

simple hungarian goulosh

Title says it all! Absolutly delish and easy to make. I usually have the pasta ready made so I can just mix it together in a casserole bowl. I let it sit in the fridge for a day or two then pop it in the oven, covered till heated.

Hamburgers with chedder cheese

Just regular hamburgers with the some veggie toppings and yummy reduced fat chedder cheese. Great for those days when you need a quick easy dinner without it being high in fat and cals. It also packs a good deal of protein.

Chicken enchiladas

My fave enchiladas to make that my family absolutly loves. Not to bad in fat and calories for the ingredients used to make the dish. I usually save some of the sauce to mix with whole grain white rice to serve on the side. This dish takes some time to make but the family will surely love it.

Lean Meatloaf

My meatloaf recipe that I make for my family,

Classic French toast

This is "normal" french toast, no reduced calorie or fat. Makes for a filling breakfast. Butter and syrup are optional

231 calories
7 grams of fat
337 grams of sodium
28 grams of carbs
12 grams protein
4 grams of fiber

Spinach mushroom lasgna

A good lowfat lasgna with lots of veggies and protein Takes a bit of time but well worth it. I like to make it a day ahead and reheat it the next day to let the flavors really meld together.

No eggs banana bread

A delish banana bread made with applesauce instead of oil and egs

Slow cooker creamy chicken and olives

A unique combo of ingredients to make a good slow cooker meal. It has a distinct flavor and is not for everybody.

Salsa cream sauce

I just made this up when I was tired of trying to mix my salsa and sour cream together on my plate

Chicken rice and black bean burritos

A recipe i just made up on a whim. you can serve all by itself or add some salsa cheese or lite sour cream which is not included in nutritional infor

Very Good (9 ratings)
cool german cucumber salad

A cucumber with veggie salad, my mom said it is a german dish my grandma use to make. I americanized it a bit by adding a few tbsp of italian dressing. It seems like an odd combo of ingredients but tastes delish

Very Good (1 rating)
Pesto ranch pasta with chicken and veggies

A simple and quick dinner when you dont want to spend hours in the kitchen.

Takes about 30 minutes and makes about 6 1 & 1/4 servings

Half of a grilled cheese sandwhich

Traditional grilled cheese split in half. It makes one sandwhich with two servings. I usually serve with soup. I love grilled cheese but an entire sandwhich is to many calories and fat for a lunch dish so I split it.

Open-face breakfast sandwiches

A simple and quick open face egg sandwich

Spaghetti with meat sauce

Simple spaghetti with lean ground beef. Quick and simple to prepare

Creamy porkchop and potatoes

A good down home meal with out the fat and calories. Everything is included in the recipe for a well rounded meal

Eggs-cellent egg salad

Egg salad with lots of veggies. 12g of fat and 179 calories per serving. Can make with fat free mayo for less fat and calories but it is not to bad on its own. Serve on the cabbage or with your choice of bread, the cabbage is included in the calorie count

Sweet Shell Salad

Less fat and calories than a traditional Macaroni salad. I use pasta shells instead of Macaroni to make more servings. Great for family gatherings or a picnick. I use a food processor to chop up all the veggies to save time. I refregerate over night to let the liquid absorb and it tastes better.

Chicken pasta casserole

This is a simple one dish meal I make often, low in calories and fat. It can be adjusted easily to make more for your family size. Also different veggies can be used. Sometimes I use zucchinni in place of the broccoli, or mixed veggie stir fry. You can omit the cheese for less fat.

Steak marinade

A good marinade to make steak tender and flavorful. Let sit for a few hours, even better to marinade for 24 hours

Very Good (4 ratings)
Pirates pineapple chops

A delicious low fat and low cal pork chop dish with a slighly sweet sauce that goes well with brown rice and green beans.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Mexican beef casserole

Like tamale pie but prepared in a casserole. Low in fat, calories, sodium and sugar.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

weedens cookbook
My own tried and true recipes with a few recipes from other sparks members that are very simmilar to ones that I make.
apps, sides, desserts and such
vegitarian and fish and seafood