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Mince with Carrots & Peas

This is a nice variation to plain mince. I've added extra carrots and peas to jazz it up a bit! I like to serve this with wholewheat spaghetti with a tiny bit of lurpak butter. Yummy!!

Teriyaki Chicken Stir-Fry

You can vary the ingredients in this dish depending what you have at home! Feel free to substitute chicken for prawns, pork or beef! Serve with brown rice, noodles or crusty bread.

Hot Smoked Salmon and Bashed Potato Salad

This dish is soooooooooo easy to make and is very quick too. The hot smoked salmon is super tasty and the new potatoes are amazing with the spring vegetables of green beans and spring onions. If you like you can add a tbsp of creme fraiche to the mix too. I serve this with baby beetroot and salad. Delicious!!

Super Tasty Ham & Vegetable Broth

I love love love this soup!! This makes plenty and I like to have it as a main course as it is lovely and filling. The gammon gives extra taste and plenty of additional protein. Yummy!!!!

Summer Vegetable Stir fry with Sweet & Spicy Tiger Prawns

This meal is perfect in a hurry and also if you feel like you need an extra boost of healthy colourful vegetables. The prawns are marinaded in a sweet and spicy sauce - YUMMY!!!

Bean Casserole with Zucchini Omelette Topping

This is a really easy recipe to make when you're short of prep time or have had a hard day!! It takes seconds to prepare and you can add other ingredients to the mix to spice it up such as cayenne pepper, garlic, worcestershire sauce, or chilli flakes and grated cheese on top! I love this dish as it gets some much needed extra fibre in my diet and is really healthy and low in calories too. Serve with a side salad or a small baked potato.

Honey Mustard Lamb Fillet with Lemon Rosemary Crust

This recipe was a bit of an experiment and I was very pleasantly surprised with the result! The crust gives a really nice additional tasty texture to the beautifully cooked lamb. I served this with a nice green salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red pepper and low fat balsamic dressing with home made potato salad. Mmmmmm...

Chorizo & King Prawn Paella

This is a delicious and easy to cook one pot meal. Bursting with flavour and colour it is sure to put a smile on your face!! You can vary the ingredients to suit your own taste such as replacing the chorizo for chicken or mackerel.

Spicy Chicken, Courgette, Mushroom & Tomato Curry

This is a really lovely tomato based curry. Very aromatic and bursting with flavour!

Stir Fry Rice with Roast Chicken and Vegetables

This is a great meal to make using up leftovers from a roast chicken. You can use any veggies you like but these are my favourites. The sweetcorn and peas are frozen so always to hand! I fry everything in sesame oil as I find this gives the stir fry a really lovely flavour.

Very Good (29 ratings)
Baked Lemon-Chili Salmon with Tomatoes and Onions

This is a very tasty and easy to make dinner. The salmon is cooked in its own tin foil parcels to absorb all the flavours and remain succulent.

Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut and Chilli

A gorgeous soup with a smooth velvety texture, hint of creamy coconut and a spicy kick!! You can use more or less chilli to suit your taste.

Spicy Stir Fry Ham & Veg with Brown Rice

This is a favourite of mine - very tasty and filling and can be adapted to any vegetables you fancy or have left over in the fridge! I like mine VERY hot, but if you don't I would advise you use only one chilli or alternatively use chilli flakes to taste.

Chilli & Tomato Tiger Prawns

Chilli & tomato tiger prawns served with wholemeal spaghetti.

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