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Blueberry-Lemon Cookies

A pretty cookie for springtime :)

1 cookie=1 serving for nutritional info calculations / makes 4 dozen cookies

Apricot Cream Scones

A beautiful, sunny scone for a rich holiday treat. 1 scone=1 serving

Very Good (3 ratings)
Ginger Wafer Cookies

1 cookie = 1 serving for purposes of calculating nutrition info. These cookies are a delightful, snappy ginger cookie for a special treat!

Buckeye Bean Soup w/Chicken - $1/serving

I get my Buckeye Bean soup mixes from Ross (like TJ Maxx). They make a big pot of delicious, heart-warming soup for chilly nights.

You can make this for $1/serving if you get the soup mix, tomatoes and chicken on sale. I made mine - with chicken - today for only $0.91/serving!

This recipe makes 10 servings.

Chick-Pea Dip with Pita, Chicken and Tomato

The calculated sodium count is much lower if you rinse the chick peas in cool water.

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