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Lazy tasty Soup

I call it just soup because you can use any low sodium pureed soup that is under 100 calories as the base. Trader joe's has a few soups that are low sodium versions and I just chose the creamy tomato. It may be too bland for some, but hopefully the cheese can make up for that. It's a very hearty soup with lots of texture, fiber and nutrients.

Zesty Savory Crudite

A guilt free, super flavorful, yummy, heart healthy cholesterol free dish, packed with vitamins and high in fiber. This can serve as a meal or a snack for 2

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Simple Savory Spanish Rice

This is so easy to make, you'll wonder how you ever made tacos without this savory side dish. You can also view each step of this recipe with

I Like my Joe's Sloppy, Spicy, Hearty, & Healthy!

This low calorie turkey sloppy Joe can be paired with a nice garden salad, and you will still have room for dessert!!!!!!!! Gobbel Gobbel down!

Save Your Thighs Pumpkin Pie!

This snack sized pumpkin pie treat will have you dancin' in on your feet! Use it to substitute fattening holiday deserts, or to cure your monthly cravings.

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Healthy Winter Popcorn Medley

Ditch the heart clogging fat and tickle your palate with this tasty snack that will satisfy your holiday cravings during those tempting big meal occasions.

Savory Southwestern Pasta Salad

Try this rustic twist on the traditional pasta salad! Excellent summer salad and packed with fiber and Vitamins!

Mediterreanean Toast

Throw out the butter and jelly and dress your toast with this sophisticated, fragrant, tasty and heart healthy dish. Eat it for breakfast or have half a serving with dinner!

Sweet Sweet Banana Treat

Here is a homemade all natural and healthy fruit roll up that will tame your sweet tooth! Great way to get kids to eat healthy too! Go and indulge in this guilt-free delightful treat!

Yummy Turkey Hash

Crave more of a savory breakfast? Then this healthy spin on a down home fav is just for you! Packed with vitamin C, A and B-6 and a healthy serving of protein, this breakfast dish will give you what you need to start your day.

Guiltless Savory French Toast w/ fruit

Need a break from Oatmeal? Try this guiltless recipe of a childhood favorite. Enjoy this sweet and healthy breakfast that still packs in the dietary fiber with it's savory taste.

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