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Recipes I've Shared:

Choco-coco Protein pops

Frozen fudge bars with a chocolatey coconut flavor and protein

Hummus - Garlic Organic

Using Eden Organic chickpeas, and fresh lemon and garlic this hummus will taste better than any you find in the store, without any weird preservatives. This recipe has a LOT of garlic, so if you like a milder flavor take out one or two of the fresh cloves.

Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies (low cal)

This recipe uses as many organic choices as available. Feel free to substitute any ingredient to/from organic as available. They are much lower-fat and calorie because they use applesauce instead of oil/butter and sub in brown sugar splenda.

Chilled Chickpea Summer Salad

This is such an easy, simple, tasty recipe. A much healthier choice than other cold salads like pasta salad or potato salad.

Green Curry Tofu w/veggies

A lightened version of the very tasty green Thai curry, with lots of veggies and tofu.

Meatless Pasta Sauce w/Tofu

This red sauce uses firm silken tofu in the place of meat, as well as lots of tasty veggies for a variety of textures. Serve over any pasta you wish - I choose a high fibre variety of macaroni. This dish is very low fat, high protein and quite tasty. Even though I am not a vegetarian I enjoy this dish often.

Frozen Chocolote Soymilk Pudding

Jello fat-free chocolate pudding. Substitute fat-free vanilla soymilk for skim milk. Very satisfying and a good amount of protein, only 100 cals per serving and very yummy.

Margherita Pizza Omelet

Satisfy a craving for a slice with a low-carb version wrapped up in a fluffy omelette.

For even lower fat, use an oil pump or olive oil flavor Pam (I prefer the real deal as it's full of good fats). You can also use egg whites instead of whole eggs, or reduce the amount of veggies and just use one egg. You can add other pizza veggies like mushrooms and peppers if you want, I prefer it to be Margherita style (only with spinach replacing the basil).

This size omelet is big enough for a dinner-size meal, in my opinion.

Most importantly, it's veggie packed, protein rich and deeeelicious.


A delicious Egyptian vegetarian dish of lenthils and rice in a savory tomato sauce, topping elbow noodles. These instructions are based off a recipe I have followed for a while now, there are many more variations available.

Shrimp Soba Stirfry

A one-pan dish that is simple and light. Japanese buckwheat soba noodles are a great low-gluten, protein rich alternative to other pastas. Garlic and soy sauce bring flavor that the noodles soak right in, along with a lot of crisp and tasty veggies added in. A handful of tasty shrimp rounds out the dish.

Bourbon Brown Sugar Rice Pudding

Brown sugar rice pudding made a little lighter by using Splenda brown sugar mix. The bourbon, vanilla extract and cinnamon add a lovely depth of flavor. Brown rice adds a little fiber to this sweet dessert. While you may be tempted to use skim or nonfat milk in this recipe, please note it will not come together properly if you don't use 3.5% (aka whole) milk. While this isn't a 100% light/low sugar dish, it also brings in much needed proteins and fiber to make it a very satisfying dessert. A small portion will be very comforting and satisfying.

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