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Recipes I've Shared:

Whole Wheat Tomato & Veggie Pie

Easy and delicious. Hardly missed the cheese!

Spas (Yogurt-Barley Cold Soup)

I adapted this from a recipe in the Time-Life Russian cookbook

Haroset (Charoses) from Rhodes, Greece

by Nicholas Stavroulakis


In Ethiopia, many families grew cabbages outside their hut to provide a regular supply. The carrots are a recent addition to this lightly spiced dish, giving it color and a note of sweetness. Cooking cabbage in fat gives it extra flavor and a firmer texture. This dish is customarily served over injera (Ethiopian flat bread).

Vegetable Cutlets

This recipe, by Norma Schaffer of New Jersey, won a contest run by WOR Radio in NewYork. Its flavor and crunch make it the best. I found it in The Passover Table

Roasted Eggs

You'll also find that these roasted eggs are quite creamy when you eat them, as compared to more dry boiled eggs. The whites will have turned a beautiful caramel color

Escalloped Apples Au Gratin with Tuna

Don't let the sauerkraut scare you off. By rinsing it, you get rid of a lot of the sodium (my guess is the nutritional info shows too much) and all the apples mitigate the sour taste of sauerkraut.

Very Good (1 rating)
Baked Tofu Steak

This is a fabulous recipe for tofu. Easy and fast. It needs no marinating. Just mix the sauce pour it on and bake for half an hour.

Turkish Leek Patties

from Gil Marks "Olive Trees and Honey"

Vegan Hot and Sour Soup

I started making this after I realized I was buying a quart of soup from take-out Chinese every week one winter. I gathered recipes and put them all together. You will need to either have an Asian market available or you can probably order on the internet. The good thing is that one trip will net you enough long-lived ingredients for a number of batches. of soup.

South American Squash Soup

This recipe originally had beef which I replaced with tofu. You can also make it with chicken. It's an interesting mix of flavors.

Sweet & Sour Tuna

quick, easy and delicious

Chicken Breasts with Pistachio-Cilantro Pesto

An unusual pesto made from pistachios and cilantro gives the chicken a Middle Eastern flavor

Pesha's Unstuffed Cabbage

The taste of granny's - with less fat, less cholestrol and A LOT LESS WORK

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Pesha's Cookbook
Pesha's Haven't Tried These Recipes
Pesha's Passover Recipes
I make a dairy parve seder. These are some of the dishes I usually make. Most can be served room temperature.
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