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My green smoothie

This is what i use to drinck before my workouts, it's easy to digest do not blow my tummy and gives me a lot of energy :)

Diet Soy flour Cake

When you choose to bake with the soy flour, remember to use a slow oven heat, because the flour gets brown very fast.
This cake remain soft even if it's completely cooled. The fruit can be substitute with pears, canned and dried peaches, strawberries... You can add chocolate chips and raisins to the batter before baking.
The soy flour is very high in protein and low in carbs, it has 1 gm fat.

Super easy gluten/lactose free cookies

these cookies are the best alternative for those of us with many food allergies, like gluten and lactose... very easy to put together and bake in a few minutes. I've added the flour i use into the food list in this site to calculate the final nutritional info

Very Good (1 rating)
Sweet and Soft Coconut Balls

a delicious gluten-free coconut cookies, they are soft 'till are worm but gets harder when cool. Very good cookies!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Carrot Marmalade

Great with morning toasts and crepes! Just delicious!
The number of servings is for: 300 gr of marmalade

Low-fat drop cookies

very tasty for the breakfast coffee!

My favorite little apple cakes

I love these! Can be prepared as muffins, cakes, baked donuts... Any way you like!

Lower in Fat Peanut Butter Cookies

These are great tasting peanut butter cookie with less fats than the ones.

low fat, GF apple cookies

These are healthy and very good morning cookies made with chickpea flour and applesauce.

Low-Fat Cupcakes

these are very yummy, I prepare them with a gluten-free baking mix for myself and they are coming great! I make 12 small size cupcakes with these ingredients.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Coconut-Cornflakes Cookies

Gluten free, lower in fat... These are my favorite crispy cookies, very easy and fast to prepare. I love to eat these with my coffee in the morning.

Chicken Rolls

These are low in fat, very tasty and easy to prepare.

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