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Recipes I've Shared:

Besan Chilla

A variation on a South Asian stable. Endless variations are possible, with chopped vegetales, different seasonings, etc. A baked version would save a lot of the fat,, but I haven't worked that one up yet.

LCHF Mocha Muffins

I needed a snack that was filling, low glycemic index, and easy to keep at work to avoid the inevitable box of non-diabetic friendly treats that show up. This one does it . Tasty, easy and quick to make and just over 4 rams of carb yield per muffin.

Reduced Carb Whole Wheat Banana Walnut Pancakes

Always looking for lower-carb versions of old favorites, I adapted this recipe to use lower carb flours as well as whole grains.

GVDub's New Year's Day Hoppin' John

A version of a traditional Soul Food New Year's Day dish with a slightly southwestern spin. Southern tradition says eat this before noon on New Year's Day for luck in the coming year.

Caribbean Mango Peach Pork Stew

A Caribbean-inspired stew that's perfect with a side salad and a high-fiber flatbread.

BLT Salad

Love BLTs, but want a low carb option? Try this tasty salad version. You can also stick in in a low carb wrap if you want the sandwich experience.

Lemon Coconut Meatloaf

We bought a young coconut for coconut water (you get as much out of a $1 coconut as you get in a $2 coconut water drink box) and decided to try and use the coconut meat in meatloaf. It worked exceptionally well.

Two Chile Southwestern Quiche

Perfect for a brunch or special breakfast.

Southwestern Skillet Quiche

The flour/cornmeal settles to the bottom and make a sort of crust. It ends up somewhere between spoon bread and a quiche, but without all the butter. Serve as a brunch item with a side salad and a little fruit plate. Or makes a hearty breakfast for two or three people on it's own. Variations are easy in vegetable mix, with or without sausage, all egg substitute, etc. Go nuts with it and get a huge number of variations.

Sweet Potato Quinoa Soup with Coconut Water

The original version of this recipe called for coconut milk. To reduce the fat, I switched it to coconut water and added a little unsweetened flake coconut to restore the coconut flavor.

Serve garnished with roasted pumpkin seeds and a dollop of lowfat yogurt.

Soy Ginger Tuna with Bok Choy

Found Ahi steaks on special at the market and whipped this up.

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pumpkin Pancakes

A great holiday breakfast. These freeze well for quick toaster breakfasts, too. Make a batch on the weekend and eat them through the week. It's important to let to batter sit for 5 minutes to get the fluffiest texture.

Healthy Hoppin' John with Turkey

A reduced fat version of the traditional Southern New Year's dish. The tradition calls for it to be made before noon on New Year's Day for luck in the coming year. Cornbread is a traditional side, or you can toss in a half cup of brown rice an hour before the dish if finished cooking.

Baked Oatmeal with Coconut Flour

Experimenting with coconut flour as a way to increase fiber and protein while decreasing overall carb levels. While not strictly low-carb (27 gms net carbs with 6 gms of fiber), it's low enough and complex enough carbs to not spike blood glucose badly. Plus it's really tasty.

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Low Carb Coconut Flour Crepes

Coconut flour is a great ingredient for low-carb, gluten-free cooking. This crepe recipe is quick to make and delicious. Serve it as dessert, or a brunch side for four, or as a main entree for two.


A variation on a traditional Puttanesca sauce, made with whole miniature yellow pear tomatoes. Quick and easy.

Healthier Pennsylvania Dutch Baked Oatmeal

Adapted from a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch dish. Works as a special breakfast or as a rustic dessert. Top with a dollop of yogurt of low/no fat sour cream.

Whole Wheat Apple Pie Oatmeal Pancakes

Adapted to reduce fat and increase fiber, these pancakes are deceptively rich and a wonderful weekend breakfast

Vegan Spicy Italian Sausage Stew

Great served over noodles (we use soy noodles for a low carb meal), or as a stuffing for eggplant or bell peppers.

Blueberry Cornmeal Crepes

A special brunch recipe. Stir before you measure the batter for each crepe, as the cornmeal tends to settle.

Southwest Salmon Bean Salad

A quick and easy salad. Serve it chilled over lettuce for a satisfying light lunch.

Normally I'm not one for just opening cans, but this works well and it's very quick.

Khub (Yemeni Flatbread)

This flatbread is related to pita and is quick and easy to make.

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5-Spice Slow Cooker Oatmeal

Irish style (steel cut) oats are a great food, but take a long time to cook, so they're difficult for a weekday breakfast. Using the slow cooker overnight solves that problem. Chinese 5-spice powder (a mixture of cinnamon, ginger, two types of anise and cloves) gives it a wonderfully exotic flavor. We make a large batch and freeze it in cellophane wrap lined muffin pans, then bag the individual pucks. Depending on the size of your muffin pans, one or two oatmeal pucks in the microwave for a few minutes makes a quick and tasty breakfast.

Caldo del Mar

We serve this over kelp noodles for a sort of Asian/Latin fusion dish.

Very Good (8 ratings)
Cheesy Zucchini Breakfast Bake

This can be mixed together the night before and popped in the oven in the morning, before you do your wake-up exercise.

Lasagne (Low Fat, Low Sodium)

Every once in a while, I get a longing for lasagna. This recipe eases that longing. Use spinach and zucchini instead of ground beef to make it even healthier

Hoppin' John

We got fresh blackeye peas and the last of a aged country ham together for this traditional New Year's dish. The salt in the ham is sufficient for the entire dish.

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Moroccan Lamb Tagine

My adaptation of a traditional Moroccan recipe. The main substitutions are stevia powder for honey and freeze-dried apricot pieces for raisins. I find the Garlic/Ginger paste at Asian markets. If you don't have it, substitute 3 cloves minced garlic and 1 Tablespoon minced fresh ginger root.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Pan-Seared Duck with Orange Pomegranate Sesame Sauce

A special holiday dinner for two

5-Spice Butternut Squash

A tasty, lower carb alternative to holiday sweet potatoes

Thai Style Baked Halibut

Sodium and carbs read a little high on the nutrition info because of the marinade. Unless you drink the marinade after you cook it, it's much lower.

Turkey, Squash, and Lima Bean Chile Stew

A fairly low-fat, low carb version of a green chile stew. Pasilla chiles are fairly mild, so this isn't a 'take the top of your head off' chile dish.

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Quinoa, Cranberry, and Almond Pudding

A sweet blend of quinoa, dried cranberries, coconut, and toasted almonds

Black Bean and Quinoa Salad

Chipotle Powder is available from Penzey's Spices.