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Chard tart

mmm chard and creamy vegany goodness...this is so good it will knock your socks off!

Fake Chik'n Salad

My fiance made this up for me one day. Whenever we want a nice treat, we make this salad.

Chickpea-Quinoa Pilaf

From the Veganomicon

Island Kale and Sweet-Potato Soup

Last winter my fiance--who is always one for a deal--got a 30lbs bag of sweet potatoes because it was "cheap". So for a month we ate nothing but sweet potatoes, and this was one of the recipes I found. This is little calorie rich, but it's a good winter seasonal recipe. Goes well with a light salad or some homemade bread.

I should also say this was a recipe on msn's healthy recipe of the day, or something like that. I just switched the chicken broth to vegetable stock to make it vegan :)

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