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Em's Breakfast Sandwich

this is kind of like a mcmuffin from mcdonalds, but with half the calories.

Whole Wheat Pancakes!

i got this recipe from another recipe on this site, but adapted it to have 1% milk in it.

Em's Grilled Chicken Tacos

i just came up with this recipe off of the top of my head.
it sounded good, so i'm trying it tomorrow night.

Em's Trail Mix!

This trail mix... i haven't exactly made it yet, i just think that the mixture of all of these sounds good. it's nice for after cardio, because it's got sugar to give you energy, and fiber&protein to rebuild muscle. i wouldn't recommend eating it in large amounts, however. the caloric content is rather large for a snack, but that's why it's good for after a workout.

Cherry Chip Whippersnappers

this is a yummy family recipe! :) mmmmmh.

yummy salad dressing

i was first introduced to this at a friend's house and i've been craving it ever since...
it's light and delicious, plus it's made with olive oil so you get your good fats in!

Chicken Pizza

a wholesome chicken pizza that can supply you with a serving of veggies, dairy, and whole grains. NOTE* i put 1.5 cups of cheese on the pizza, and 3/4 of a can of ragu on it, but you can change that depending on how much you like cheese and sauce. 1 cup of mozzarella=320 calories. remember, this is a recipe for the whole family, so take just 1/6 of the pizza!