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Recipes I've Shared:

Saucy Bok Choy ;)

This dish is the diggity!!!

Kale Sauce

Yummy yummy yummy. Dip it, pour it, whatev...if you love kale, try it!

Super Flavorful Soy & Chick Pea Patties

Yummy (& easy!) patties can go on a sandwich or salad or just by themselves.

Liz's Rockin AWESOME tuna patties

My friend made these one day & I loved them so much I just keep on making them all kinds of different ways.

And they're low in fat, high in all kinds of vitamins & minerals & deliciousness---basically, they just rock! ;)

Mix up the veggies or try them with different seasonings for more variety. They go beautifully with a slice of melted white cheese and a toasted bun...mmmmmmmm.....

Post-Workout Chocolate Berry Protein Parfait Deliciousness :D

This is so yummy!! And it rocks for balanced post-workout refueling.

Make it totally vegan by using soy or rice yogurt. I do minimal dairy & love the creaminess of Activia, so I use Riceotein protein blend (it's also higher in protein than a lot of the whey proteins I've found out there).

You could switch this up by using raisins, carob chips, walnuts...whatever! And it's awesome for those sweet-tooth days.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Marinated Wakame (Seaweed) Salad

Like most stuff I make at home, I improv-ed this recipe. It was my first attempt & I think it is absolutely delicious!!!

I topped a baby spinach-arugula salad w/ this then topped it all off w/ some tempeh (steamed w/ cilantro & chilis)----by far the best salad I've ever made!!!

Very Good (1 rating)
What-Was-In-My-Cabinet Curried Lentils

This recipe literally lives up to the name. I'm was just super hungry & needed more protein & fiber for today, plus I wanted to make something I could munch on throughout the rest of the week. I made a huge pot of jasmine rice to go with it (b/c I'm out of basmati).

Also, I get all my spices from the bulk section of Central Market, it's super cheap & perfect for infrequently used ingredients, you just spend like 50 cents on a little baggy of each. I just happened to have leftovers of all these I used, hence the hodgepodge. This is a great recipe to experiment w/ the necessary herbs & spices.