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Recipes I've Shared:

Potato Nicoise Salad

A nice lunch salad - even better on a bed of lettuce!

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Easy Tomato Sauce for Cooking Chicken or Fish

I used this tomato sauce to bake some fresh salmon in - it was Tasty!!!

Cherry Berry Chia Smoothie

A nice cool treat for a hot day!

Breakfast Egg Patties

Make these quick and easy egg rounds at home to make your own low-fat breakfast sandwiches on english muffins or even regular bread

Big Green Chocolate Spinach Smoothie

Another variation on my signature Big Green Smoothies! :)

Big Green Smoothie #37B

So, I like to experiment with smoothies and this one tasted really yummy, so I thought I'd share. Even my colleague and her lovely 11-year-old daughter loved it!

Mac and Cheese Casserole Type Pasta

When in a hurry, this is easy!

Sausage and Kidney Bean Stew

One of my fave recipes for a cold day - serve over rice or on it's own with a Weight Watchers slice of bread and a pat of butter. It's also good if you want to make it veggie and bypass the meat. Yum Yum!

Chicken salad

For quick sandwiches anytime! You can go easier on the mayonnaise if you like too...

Tuna fishcakes

A yummy recipe adapted from this one:
sh-Cakes/Detail.aspx - enjoy!

Easy Hummus

Just put everything in a food processor - or Bullet - and you're done!

Tomato, Spinach and Basil Barley

Tasty Side dish for a cold day!

peanut sauce pasta

For calculation purposes

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Big Green Smoothie

I was craving green - so I tossed some fruits in the blender with a little orange juice and soy milk and a cup of fresh spinach and WOW! I definitely got my fix. :)

Weight Watchers Pumpkin Spice Cake

A nice fall cake - I would add more pumpkin spice to it myself; I found it a touch bland.

Italian bread

An easy bread recipe - relatively quick, compared to some that take a long time in the rising. A little on the bland side - I would maybe add some rosemary or oregano in my next go.

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Korean style beef short ribs

An easy crock pot recipe

Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

Same as chocolate cake recipe, but more vanilla extract and no cocoa. Baked for 12 minutes in 12 muffin/cupcake pan at 400 degrees

Breaded veal cutlets

I attempted to make veal cutlets because my boyfriend and I love Italian veal sandwiches and needed a non-deep fried alternative!

Turkey and Black Bean Sloppy Joes - Homestyle

A revisioning of another spark recipe with my accurate measurements. :) Yummy!

Chewy Brownie Cookies

From the inside of a Crisco Golden Shortening Box. Good but very evil. :) I made them for my sister-in-law who is pregnant and asked me to bake her something yummy.

Breakfast Burritos for Two

An easy and low cal breakfast good for any day.

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Canso Cloud Biscuits

Taken from Emily Walker's a Cook's Tour of Nova Scotia - delicious biscuits made either savoury or sweet and very quick cooking time.

Banana Blueberry Gluten-Free Muffins

A nice snack or breakfast food.

Blueberry Fresh Fruit Salad

NIce, simple and like 5 minutes to make!

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Lemon Tomato Tilapia

A quick recipe I came up with cooking for my honey after a lovely day together - lounging, shopping and talking. :)

Breakfast Broccoli Rice

What I threw together this morning

Indian Style Fruit Salad (Fruit Chaat)

This is my favourite summer fruit salad recipe; the key to making it "Indian" is a spice called "Chaat Masala" - it's a subtle salty type of spice that is used in snack-type dishes and has the property of helping with digestion. You can find it at your local South Asian grocery store.

Herbal Tea Latte

I don't drink caffeine, but I used to be a real Chai drinker when I did. Chai is an Indian/Pakistani milk tea in which the milk and water are cooked together with spices like cloves, cardamom and cinnamon until it all boils and then you add black tea, cook it up to the strength you want and drink it with a sweetener (or not) of your choice. Mmmmm - yummy!

Having gone caffeine-free, I've had to change the recipe around. At home, I use soy milk and decaf tea with similiar results.

Out shopping this week, I found Tetley's Warmth Cinnamon Spice tea which cuts my work in half and makes this winter warmer microwavable too! If you're making enough for 4 people, use the stovetop method and cook with just 2 teabags for 2 minutes, stirring frequently.

Country Harvest Loaf

I do a lot of gluten-free baking as I have an intolerance; sometimes I prefer not to use yeast as well. This recipe, which I found in "125 Best Gluten-Free Recipes" by Donna Washburn and Heather Butt is quick and easy with no yeast. The bread is a tiny bit sweet as well, which makes it nice with chicken and turkey for sandwiches. I didn't add 1/3 cup sunflower seeds or 2 tbsp sesame seeds because I didn't have them, but they would add 276 calories and 70.17 calories respectively to the recipe. Still very yummy without the extra cals!

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Curried Tuna Rice

This dish is really easy, especially if you make it in the rice cooker and has a nice mildly curried flavour. If you don't have Garam Masala (indian allspice) some ground coriander also gives it a bit of a different kick.

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Quick and Easy Hot & Sour Soup

This is a recipe I made up "off-the-cuff" when I was craving some Hot and Sour soup. It's pretty good - you could add some hot pepper sauce if you like it fiery!