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Taco Gnocchi

Gnocchi takes on delicious tex mex flavors

Incredible! (1 rating)
Creamy Gorgonzola rice (1/2 cup serving)

Easy, Creamy, Smoky, Delicious. Great complement to fish, grilled meats, and roasted/grilled veggies.

Guinness Beef and Barley stew with Portobello

Slow cooker stew. Can be made vegetarian, by doubling mushrooms and barley, and using a vegetable stock.

Trader Joe's Cornbread, Lightened up

Using Pumpkin instead of oil makes a tasty, lighter version of delicious TJ's cornbread. Cuts fat by almost 10g per serving and covers half your vitamin A RDA.

Sweet Spicy Orange Sauce (for baked sweet potatoes)

Serve over baked sweet potatoes instead of butter

Savory Mini Cheesecake (serving size is one half of 5 inch cheesecake)

Serve with crackers or warm bread. Great paired with a nice tomato-based soup. High in protein

Creamy Extra Veggie Tomato Soup

Making the 5 a day quota easier to reach.

Bulghar, or Cracked Wheat Pilaf

Use instead of rice or potatoes. Goes with everything.

Salmon packets

The carrots and onions keep the salmon moist, the lemon and dill give great flavor. Practically impossible to overcook, fish will not dry out.

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