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Healthy Lebanese Chicken and Beans Stew- Fasoulia b' djej

A traditional dish, for all seasons. Fasoulia is a delicious bean dish bathed in a wonderfully delicious tomato sauce, made with either large white beans (Lima Beans, haricot beans, white kidney beans, Peruvian beans or cannellini beans).
Fasoulia b'lahem فاصوليا بلحم is a hearty and balanced meal very common in Lebanon and most of the surrounding Arab countries, particularly Syria and Palestine.
The traditional name is Fasoulia b'lahem يخنة الفاصوليا مع اللحم or simply فاصوليا بلحم because it is made with red meat. I used chicken for a healthier version. Chicken makes this dish less calories, less fat and less cholesterol. Beans has lots of fiber and very nutritious .
Beans stew with meat normally served over rice.

Fasoulia فاصوليا means beans and
Lahem لحم means meat in Arabic.
Fasoulia b'lahem literally means beans in meat (stew).



boil the wheat in 20 cups of water till the water is about half (about 2 hours) meanwhile cook chicken ( 2.5 lbs no skin) in 24 cups water ..the chicken givesx 3 cups meat and we get 118 cups broth . after you mix cooked wheat sauted onions broth salt spices use the mixer to crush the wheat more. then add the shreded chicken and cook for another 2 hours

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Lentils and Bulgur / Moujadara

This Lebanese dish is the original recipe from southern Lebanon. It is still common in other parts of Lebanon and mostly made with rice instead. It's a healthier twist by using wheat instead . Extremely simple to cook, this dish is a fundamental component of Middle Eastern cuisine.
It provides carbohydrates, proteins, Iron, fiber, and a full stomach. It also tastes great.
When cooked with rice, this recipe is gluten-free. It isn't gluten free when cooked with bulgur (wheat).

Hope you enjoy this vegetarian mush!

Makes 7 cups. Serve with tomatoes, cucumber, mint, lemon juice and olive oil salad. My kids loves it mixed with yougurt.

FAVA Beans and Rice - Roz w foul

let the broth and onions and fava beans boil for 30 minutes before adding the rice. lower the heat after you ad dthe rice and the cover

Gorbanzo Vegi Soup

Good as a soup to compliment a healthy dinner or double the serving with two slices of whole wheat toast and use as a light warm dinner

Green Beans Side dish

This can be a side dish or can be eaten as a main course the middle eastern way by eating it with wheat pita bread . green onions and some cucumbers .

Yogurt snack - Balili

This is good as a snack . you can use lowfat yogurt instead. This is my grandmother recipe that works everytime to quite the hunger rumbling in the stomach :)