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Chai Tea for One

This is my favorite way to relax in the evening when everything is done for the day.

Thai beef and basil with mushrooms

This is a somewhat spicy dish that my husband and I love to eat. If you don't like mushrooms try substituting bamboo shoots. You can also adjust the amount of szechuan sauce depending on how spicy you like your food but watch out for the sodium. The calorie listing is a little high because the calculator did not have a listing for the light coconut milk.

Mediterranean Shrimp Flambe'

This is a wonderful dish that is light and healthy. And very fun to make especially if you are a bit of a fire bug :) It uses ouzo which is an anise flavored liquor from Greece and can be found at any liquor store.

Asian Inspired Turkey Wraps

This turkey wrap is modeled after the Vietnamese Bahn Mi wraps. It has a slightly spicy mayonnaise sauce and veggie salad in it. There are quite a few little steps to this but it is worth it. My husband and I divide up the prep and cooking so it will go faster.

Fresh Zucchini with Edamame & Tomatoes

This is a great side dish! And a good way to get some soy protein into your diet.

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Lori's Favoite Recipes
Hi! These are some of my favoite recipes. Most can be found on SparkRecipes. Some have been submitted by me and some by other people. All are delicious and have passed my husband's taste test. I hope you enjoy them!