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Wild Grape slush

1.5 serving of fruit and vegis

reduced fat Grandma's Choclate Wafers

thisa is a rolled cookie.
I belive that this make 3 dozen
serving is 3 cookies

island shake

2 servings of fruits or vegis

Blueberry pinapple parfaits

1 serving of fruits or vegis

Very Good (1 rating)
Watermelon-strawberry shake

2 servings of fruit and vegis

tomato, garlic, and pesto omlet

1 serving of vegis or fruit

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my 5 a day faves
These recipes are from a book called 5 a Day b\y Dr. Elizabeth Pivonka and Barbara Berry. this book contains recipies that help people not only eat healthy but enjoy eating their daily need of vegis and fruits
my faves from family (updated by me)
These recipes are my fave desserts that Ive always had to ask my grandma, how did you do it?