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Recipes I've Shared:

Braised Beet & Turnip Greens

Simply braising these greens with olive oil, onion, garlic and chile renders them tender and seasoned, making a wonderful complement to meat, fish or grilled, garlic-rubbed toast. Add a little pancetta, chicken stock and pecorino cheese, and the mixture of ingredients forms a tasty topping for pasta. Blend them together with pine nuts and add more olive oil, and you've got a turnip-and- beet green pesto.

When buying turnips or beets, choose those with healthy, vibrant greens. They should be tender, bright and uniform in color, and free from wilting or bruising. Once cut from their vegetable, beet and turnip greens should be used quickly; they will stay fresh for two days in the refrigerator if wrapped in paper towels and stored in a plastic bag. If they do become wilted, chop them finely and use them in soup.

Curly Kale and Potato Soup

From Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food

Fish Chowder

From Marjorie Standish's "Cooking Down East". This is comfort food for Mainers.