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Recipes I've Shared:

Bowtie Chicken Soup

Very lowfat! and tasty, too. You add salt at the table, so is safe for a low sodium diet!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Vitamix Tortilla Soup

I got this from my Vitamix cookbook--it's AWESOME!!

Healthy Breakfast Wraps

This is a healthy tasty way to get your spinach, and have a breakfast on the go!

Love Your Liver Juice

From the Liver Cleansing Diet by Dr. Sandra Cabot

Quinoa Salad with Apricots

JEREMY_PATRICIA posted a recipe for Couscous Salad with Apricots. I adapted that recipe for quinoa to try it since I didn't have any couscous.

Smokey Black Bean Stew

An excellent hearty vegan stew. Great served with cornbread muffins.

Curried Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Awesome light lunch on the go!

Vegan Banana Cake

Very dense, moist bread-like cake. No added sugar! I got this from The Liver Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot.

LOOOOWWWWWW fat Salad Dressing

Wow. This has 0.1 g of fat per 1 T. serving! and it's not boring, either! The Smart Beat Nonfat Mayo tastes awful by itself--but is GREAT for dressings!

Lowfat Soft Ginger Cookies

Makes 36 cookies. Only 0.7 g fat per cookie!!

Easy Pasta and sauce w/ground turkey

An easy, quick alternative to canned sauces. Only 10 g fat per serving!

Vegan Vegie Stew

No animals were harmed making this recipe!

Sharon's Savory Lamb Stew

This is a great way to use cheaper cuts of lamb for a cold winter day!

Caesar Salad Dressing

This is delicious! and tastes a little like mushrooms, even though there aren't any mushrooms in it. Only 0.1g fat per tablespoon!

Creamy Spinach Soup

Very low fat!

Bolognese Stuffed Bell Peppers

These are delicious! I adapted this recipe to lower fat from one I found on

Sharon's Green Chile Cornbread

Low low fat! only 1 g. per serving. Makes 16 servings.

Sharon's Healthy Creamy Salad Dressing

You can season this with just about anything you want--it's very versatile and packed with omega-6's!

Jalapeno Sweet Potato Soup

I got this from the Homestead Cooking cookbook, but adjusted the ingredients to make it lower fat and lower calorie. This is awesome soup for a main course!! Makes 6 main course servings, or 12 first course servings. Nutrition figured for 6 servings.

Cup of This, Cup of That Leftover Soup

This makes nine big 2 cup servings. Add some hot crusty french bread for a full meal in a bowl. (nutrition for bread not figured in for recipe)

Coleslaw w/broccoli

low calorie, sweet and tangy homestyle coleslaw.

Very Good (1 rating)
Crockpot Pomegranate Chicken

this is a remake of someone else's sparkpeople recipe--POLARG--theirs was with beef, so I converted it for chicken because I didn't have any beef . Also theirs said for 12 servings and I like bigger servings than that, so I say it's six servings from a whole 3 lb. chicken without skin.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Mom's Chicken Cattiatore

This is a super low calorie, delicious dinner! Serve with rice or whole wheat pasta and a big salad. Nutrition information for chicken dish only.

Mom's Chili 'Of Course'

This is my mom's version of sloppy joes. She made it all the time when we were kids, and we loved them. Lots less expensive than canned sloppy joes, and better tasting, too!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Vegan Vittles
Fishy Findings