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Incredible! (1 rating)
Veggie Stock

Every vegetarian loves this stock, which is a perfect substitute for chicken stock. A serving is one quart.

Meatloaf Finally

Lower in many baddies and added goodies. About 1/3 the carbs. The onions become sweet when cooked and replace the classic oatmeal. I love all the seasonings that gives it the real meaty flavor.

tuna patty

This is a higher protein, meal for one,with boosted omegas. It is a tender pair of filling patties. Good for a main meal. Serve with lemon juice or a good sauce.

gruel zoned-hunter

This is very filling for the calorie count. Serving suggestion: I did add a tea. of molasses and a tea. of Splenda and a 1/2 tea. of margarine (milk free). Make it as you wish.

Very Good (1 rating)
quick chocolate syrup for one

make it for a topping and use immediately. The times estimate 1 min. for measuring and the other 4 Min's. to stir it. Approximately. It lasts long enough to make it and then serve it with whatever. It is not intended as a sauce to put aside for later.

Fratata veggie

Just leave out the Turkey bacon and it's Vegan,no animal milk; and freezable. low sodium; gluten free; cooking for one friendly. The instructions includes things not on the list. I made this version to be Zone friendly.

breakfast patty-turkey and sweet pot.

serve with cranberry sauce. I had a poached egg (egglands best) for more protein.
added sage would be great, if you like it.

Breakfast pea and egg scramble

I made another version of this using almond butter instead of mayo.

tonoto sauce

My first attempt at a tomato sauce substitute.

Tapioca gel with fruit and macadamia

this would be good for vegan no animal at all. I hated the pre-made vegan jell.
I tried to make something non-traditional as far as tapioca without the custard

zone balance 1000

my only way to save it

Power Water

aprox. half my required Potassium,Salt and fiber. I have chronic diaeria and this is to keep the balance up.

to not to paste

I made "ice" cubes equal to 2 T. each. I did add to the Tonoto sauce recipe and it did seem more like a real Tomato sauce, but it may be cuz it has been so long since I had tomatoes. Put them in a zip bag in the freezer to use as needed. Very bright and sweet like tomato paste.

Chicken and Garbanzo beans

A quick meal from an individual frozen breast. and canned beans and trader joe's Papaya Mango Salsa (this can be substituted with a recipe that is on this site, it also is lower in salt)
Zoned Hunter

Rebel Ghee

Milk Protein is my kryptonite so I don't use the traditional method of waiting for the butter to cook out the protein. Also I have foreign markets near by that sell Ghee they do use a clove of cloves to flavor their Ghee which I don't care for.

Very Good (9 ratings)
Lime Quinoa Salad with Mint

The mint and the parsley is nearly no-cal so use as you desire. Hunter leave out the tomato sub. with fruit.

Hot oil

I love the flavor of hot oil in many things. I just don't have the membranes that can tolerate them. Also instead of adding a pepper to a dish and forgetting it until it is too late I just add a few drops to the cooking oil. Leave it longer for more heat. The same method is use to make Annatto oil that gives a lovely orange yellow color to Mexican cooking.

Buffalo Balls

Three balls per seving. Freeze after cooking on a flat pan. when solid in baggy.

Crazy Yummy Tuna Sandwich

A friend from Victoria,BC made this for us. decades later it still is a hit.
This is what I want instead of a piece of chocolate cake.

Gomasio or sesame salt

This is a seasoning that is used in place of a sprinkle of salt. The first time I did it was decades ago when I was macrobiotic. It has a salty taste (more then the same measure of salt) And the great taste of toasted sesame.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Lamb chop and Asparagus 4 one

gluten free;casein free; controlled carbs;The asparagus is 15 pieces 5 per serving.

My Dandelion Soup 1

My very 1st dandelion recipe. It is reminiscent of spinach after cooking it. But for me no side effects.

Type O Avoid Chowder

chunky veg soup. Change as you will. No milk; no fat. Just vegs.

My Oatmeal

gluten free;

Eggplant side

Smokey flavor with fair holding. Best as a side since the BBsauce is high in sodium.

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I will be saving recipes I want to try and eventually "rate" by others on Spark
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Hunter in the BTD. For one person with my "gluten-casein free; complex medical issue diet. Hope it is helpful.
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