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Recipes I've Shared:

Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara

You will never use ham and cream to make this dish again! This is the Real McCoy Carbonara, and suprisingly the real way is actually lower in calories!

The Best Low Fat Alfredo Ever

I created this recipe for my husband, who loves real alfredo but hates how it makes him feel. This is just as creamy and rich as the real, with almost the exact same taste!

Crock Pot Southwest Cornish Game Hen

A spicy but smooth new way to enjoy those little birds

Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce and Tortellini

What a great way to use up that basil that didnt go into your spaghetti sauce! This is a simple healthy yet very creamy meal, which is a rare find. You could not serve this over the tortellini to save calories becaause if you love creamy dishes like me, you wont even care if the pasta is ther ot not!

Chicken Meatloaf with White Gravy

Meatloaf's made with chicken can be even better than those made with higher fat meats. I created this when trying to figure out what to do with discount ground chicken that was not only easy but satisfying. Now its a go to recipe!

Bacon Split Pea Soup (crockpot)

My husband and I are not fans of ham in our split pea soup so we use wonderful bacon! The flavor is very similar but the much more rich.

Lasagna, The Smart Way

HEY WHAT AN IDEA!!! This is a standard cheese lasgana recipe, except there is no painful layering, you simply make rolls!

Lazy Girl Enchilada Bake

In my house we hardly ever have enchilidas the "authentic" way because I hate trying to roll them and keep them rolled. Call me Lazy Girl but this bake rocks!

Fish for People/Kids Who Dont Eat Fish, Cajun Style

This is the first fish dish I ever made for my husband who hates fish, and he loved it!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Low Carb, No Bake, Sugar Free Cheesecake Heaven

Go ahead have a slice, maybe even two because this cheesecake is so low in calories eating 2 pieces is STILL LOWER in calories and fat than original cheesecakes! This could be topped with fresh berries or even sugar free chocotale syrup for added decadence! If you do not like Splenda adding 3/4 of a cup of sugar will bring the calorie content only to 148.2 per slice!

Addictive Ghoulash

This is an amazingly healthy dinner packed with Zinc, Iron and Lycopene and kids like it too! Heads up, this is actually better the next day so if you wanted to make it ahead or have leftovers for lunch, dont be afriad to do so!

Black Bean Tortilla Soup

Low in Calories, High in Protien, High Fiber, Meatless,Bursting with Flavor...what more could want from soup? Listed in the caloric info is 6 Medium Corn Tortillas, which could easily be left out, which would make this even lower in calories, 319 to be exact which includes the cheese!

Luderus Family Spaghetti Sauce

I once made the mistake of making homemade spaghetti my husband wont even eat Bertolli, which he used to love. While making your own sauce can be time consuming, this one is not and it is fabulous! This sauce can be made with or without the Red Wine, it is great either way. The only thing you have to worry about is never being able to buy spaghetti sauce out of jar!!!

Perfect Roast Beef

Tender, moist, flavorful, awesome, 'nuff said

Turkey Pot Pie

I made this last night and really surprised myself considering this is the first time I have ever made this dish and the Dear Hubby is still raving about it this morning! Not something I would recommend eating too frequently but certainly worthy of using up the leftover delicious bird from Thanksgiving!

Very Good (1 rating)
Carribean Coconut Rice

The flavors of this dish are distinct but not over powering. This rice would be delish with BBQ Chicken, Honey Soy Salmon, or really anything else so long as the flavors are complimentary. Enjoy

Clammy Salmmy Chowder

Clams, Salamon and Chowder what more could one want except something INCREDIBILLY EASY? Well you got that too with this recipe!This recipe has very little calories,for a chowder, but is packed with protien! I am eating it right now and it is so good!

3 Year Meatloaf

The name of this recipe may sound like it would take forever to make but I actually call it that because it took me 3 YEARS to perfect this recipe from trial an error (I never measure or use a recipe). This is an extremely flavorful meatloaf that does not dry out, even the next day. ***Note I ALWAYS add WORCHESTIRE SAUCE but it was not listed and could not enter for caloric content so please do you and your family a favor and add 1/8 of a cup of this to this recipe.

Sauted Carrots

This is hands down the best way to prepare carrots, at least we think so. Personally I believe the use of Canola or Vegtable Oil as opposed to Olive produces a better flavor but I've done it both ways and this recipe still comes out good!

Beef Short Ribs With Marsala Sauce (crockpot)

Beef Short Ribs are high in flavor but also in fat, which is why I made this into 4 servings (also thats how it came packaged). Since one still needs a starch and veggie its probably best to only make this every once in awhile. Enjoy!

He'll Fall in Love Ranch Chicken

I first made this dish for my boyfriend years ago using Kraft Ranch Dressing from the bottle. He fell in love with this dish and then with me. Now that he is my husband I have lightened it up a bit, and he still loves it and now loves that I am trying to make his favorite recipe helathier so he can eat it more!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Mamaw's Creole Pork Loin Chops

I have alot of trouble eating pork so when I tried this recipe I did not have high hopes. BOY WAS I WRONG!!! This recipe produces extremely tender, healthy pork chops that are overjoyed with flavor. I added a cup of rice, at my husbands request, but you could leave it out and put these over whole grain pasta, potatos, or even it solo with a slice of whole grain bread. Either way you will be satisfied!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

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The Cookbook That Will Be Famous One Day
As God as my witness I will publish these recipes,one day. Cooking is and has always been my passion. My hope is that you will find some gem recipes here that you will enjoy as much as I have enjoyed creating them.