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curry cabage and collard greens

delicious veggie dish that can be made into soup, a side dish, or added on top of just about any meal!

baked garlic

simple, tasty...a great snack for garlic lovers.

cilantro eggs

yummy breakfast jam packed with flavor!

Incredible! (1 rating)
roasted bell pepper and tofu wrap

sandwhich that's delicious and easy to wrap up and go!

Rice Noodle Soup

A flavorful and filling soup (less broth, more noodle) that mixes some interesting flavors and spices. It's filling and super tasty! A little zing but nothing you can't handle. :) (my three year old said it was spicy but she liked it so it can't be that bad right? :)
Ps: I add spice to taste so if the measurements leave you unhappy add or subtract spice next time!

Three Bean and Turkey Chili (hippie stew)

this is a chili recipe that my fiance lovingly refers to as 'hippie stew.' we love it around our house. sometimes i leave out the meat and use tofu or just leave it plain and eat it on pita. it's yummy! try different things till you find what you like!
it's a great hearty meal for a cold day!

Tofu and Bell Pepper Quinoa

Super yummy, protein filled dish that can be used as a side dish or main meal. I didn't add spices to the recipe because i use different ones to create different tastes depending on the mood of the day. :) some options are: garlic and italian seasonings, lemon pepper and garlic, curry and cumin, chili powder and garlic, dill and garlic...etc. (i like garlic) it can be made with other veggies, too! like brocoli and cauliflower with soy sauce, etc.

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