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Cilantro lime dressing

Terrific on kale or as a dressing for shrimp lettuce wraps

Salmon Curry

Quick Dinner of Salmon Curry? Yes! Try this fast easy meal over rice or couscous

Homemade Wholegrain Mustard

Homemade mustard is super easy and tasty. Add a special zing to a Turkey and Veggie sandwich to get rid of the "I don't want to diet" blues.

Fat Free Granola

Terrific with yogurt

Quick Vegan Stew

Was in a hurry for something warm for dinner and came up with this. :-) enjoy!

Vegan Cranberry Orange Bannock

I modified a bannock recipe I found to come up with this. It's very wholesome tasting and a nice substitute for a scone or a traditional bannock. I make them when I know there will be donuts in the office.

Vegan Mango Banana Smoothie

Fresh fruit and Vegan protein. A great breakfast smoothie, filling and satisfying.

Strawberry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Fresh fruit smoothie with a whole (peeled) orange for fiber and wonderful bright summery taste.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Garden Harvest Soup

From the "You On A Diet" book

Katie's Pumpkin Soup

I bake and puree a pumpkin every year. You can store the puree in the freezer in 1 cup portions

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