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Caramel cheesecake

This is just a trial I will update after I try it. FYI...I have little pans...Make twice as much for 9 inch pan. I use small round pyrex to make individual cakes. It only took about 30 minutes to cook it that way.

I tried it now!

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Diet Pop Cake

Be creative on this. Use any variety of pop and cake mix. I have made white cake with diet cherry pop and many other varieties. This i a recipe that is passed around all over weight watchers.

Fish tacos with lime cilantro rice

Can be used with any white fish

COCO Wheats cookies

These are great cookies for kids...Low sugar lots of fiber and nutrients. You use a dry cereal mix called COCO wheats. If you cant find it, you could use regular cream of wheat and a tsp of cocoa powder.

Peanut butter cookies with splenda- 2 cookies= 1 serving

no sugar peanut butter cookies with PB2...I havent tried these yet!

Breakfast Pizza

This can be made with any variety of meat and or veggies

Mashed Cauliflower

My version of mashed cauliflower

Pepper Jack Mac and Cheese

I used whole wheat pasta and chicken breast for this recipe. It would have slightly different nutritional values for regular pasta and without meat. I add Zadies Italian seasoning, becuase it has no sodium.