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Recipes I've Shared:

Raw Chocomole

taken from here:

Healthified Kedgeree

This version of the classic Victorian breakfast item from the time of the Raj, replaces the butter and cream with frylight/oil spray (any oil spray which is one cal or less per spray)!

Cocoalmond Mania Butter

copied from

Power Smoothie (POD style)

I had this smoothie from the POD restaurant near where I work, and this is my attempt to recreate the smoothie. I have breakfast in too stages: I have some All bran before I leave for work, and this smoothie about 2 hours later just before I start for work, and I find this keeps me satisfied until lunchtime. Sometimes I had some spirulina to the smoothie also. POD uses Muesli instead of Oats.

Leek and Chicken soup

Recreated from a recipe on the goodtoknow website (

Pang Pang Chicken

This recipe is recreated from one I found on the goodtoknow website (
9/Pang-Pang-chicken) and at 182cal per serving it's definitely a winner!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Curried Potatoes

This is a recipe me and my mum put together, to be fair, it didn't take a lot of brain power!

Mauritian Style Beef Curry

One of my favourite dishes ever!

Mauritian style Red Lentils

One of my favourite dishes my Grandma makes. I've been learning how to make all of my favourite dishes recently and I think I've got these down to a tee. The trick is letting the lentils cook until they lose their shape and it's like thick orange soup. you don't want to be able to see round circles, at the most a few semi circular shapes. Its important that you DO NOT add the salt to the lentils, this will make them hard. Serve with fluffy basmati rice.

Onion and Leek Soup

The Stock and Gravy amounts are just guesstimates, really, you just need to add as much as you like to be able to taste. Also the water is just a guess too as I don't know how much I actually put in =S

Vegetable Soup

Please be aware, that if you use this soup recipe, the stock amounts (the cubs, concentrated and vegetable gravy granuiles) are all guess amounts. I didn't make them up as required but added them straight to the boiling water, so they're as accurate as I can get them. Also the water amount is a guess as well, as I didn't measure out how much water I added. I know, I'm terrible! NExt time I'm ging to write it all down.This soup is a yummy and healthy alternative to the canned soups you often get mistakenly labelled as healthy. This makes 10, very generous servings.

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