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Incredible! (4 ratings)
Dan's five-ingredient emergency meat stew

This is a recipe modified from something I invented a long time ago, back when I did survival training. The original "recipe" was squirrel meat, browned on hot rocks, along with cattail roots, wild-grown carrots (probably an old farm), one mint leaf, some wild spices, and water. I'm sure there was some ash and flies in there somewhere; that's what you get when you make stew on rocks and an uncovered metal container over an open fire. Don't worry; this recipe doesn't contain anything gross.

SparkPeople doesn't have mint, cattail roots, or squirrel as ingredients. Since most of you don't live near wetlands with cattails and you can't buy squirrel meat anyway, I substituted a parsnip and a large (3/4 pound) potato for the cattails and beef chuck for the squirrel. You can use any meat you like. I've seen goat, lamb, and other red meats in stores; go wild!

Please comment, including how many servings you get (I guess-timated four cup-plus servings) and how well it tastes with different combinations of meat and spices. It isn't for everyone, but many will like it.

Dan's Beef Stew

My family says this is the best beef stew they've ever eaten. It's an old-country recipe; although my ingredients say "1-inch cubes" I really mean cut them into bite-sized pieces. Any size is fine; you can make them more-or-less equal in size, or just cut them up as you will. The object is not to make a perfect stew but to have fun making it; the flavor will follow.

"It tastes better because I made it with love." Spongebob Squarepants.

An important idea: when you brown the meat some parts, and extra flour, will brown along with the meat. These scrapings add flavor to the stew. If you trimmed the meat well there will be almost no drippings, so it is "safe" to dump the cooked meat, scrapings and all, into the crock.

Very Good (1 rating)
Dan's Crockpot Chicken parmesan

Crock pot meals are great, aren't they? This tastes better and is much cheaper than buying chicken parm. in a restaurant, and without major effort. Add a salad to make a full meal.

Using raw chicken breasts, rinsed and patted dry, is really the time-saver for this recipe. Precooking the chicken works, but isn't much less time than just doing it the "normal" way.

Very Good (1 rating)
Dan's Crockpot Poultry Chow Mein

A very useful recipe for when you have a lot of left-over turkey or chicken (this recipe uses chicken) and you're tired of making soup. Note the cook time seems long because it's in a crock pot, which calls for two to four hours.

I used bagged or hand-selected vegetables. If you use canned, drain and rinse before adding to remove the excess salt. Unfortunately that will lose some of the vitamins; your call. If using frozen vegetables, warm them slightly in the microwave (a minute or so on High, right in the bag) so they don't freeze the other ingredients when you mix them in.

STRANGE FACT: using turkey instead of chicken makes the following changes to the nutritional information per serving:
- 1.5 times the fat (mostly mono- and polyunsaturated)
- 50 more calories
- 300 more grams of sodium (?)
- 2 more grams of sugar (?)
- 1.5 more grams of protein
and variations in vitamins and minerals.


Very Good (2 ratings)
Dan's 4-cheese pasta filling

An easy-to-make filling for pasta (such as ravioli, manicotti, or lasagna). This will stuff 16 small (2" square) ravioli or 8 large stuffed shells at 1 tbsp per ravioli. Make more for lasagna or other stuffed pasta.

Dan's Old Country whole wheat pasta, 1/2 pound

This is a basic pasta recipe. It makes about 1/2 pound (230 grams) of pasta, or four 2-oz (56 g) servings.

Of course, make more batches if you need more pasta. Remember, pasta dough can be frozen after it's made. This is an old Italian recipe; because of that and the fact flour has slight differences in each batch "feel" is important. Practice until you figure out what works for you.

Dan's basic chicken kebabs

1) use 12 inch, flat-bladed metal skewers. Flat blades keep the food from spinning when you turn the kebab over.

2) Marinate beforehand with your favorite marinade, or baste while cooking. When you log the food, log the marinade (or basting sauce) separately.

3) Cook over medium heat. Medium-low works just as well but takes a couple of minutes longer. Do not cook higher than medium heat or you'll char the vegetables, and that char is bad for you (PAHs and acrylamide are not marinade ingredients).

4) If you use whole chickens for your breast meat, use the remainder as a soup base.

5) If you have extra vegetables, grill them. Sprinkle on a little garlic powder and Italian seasoning before grilling and serve as a side dish.

Crockpot Meatloaf and Potatoes

This turkey meatloaf features a home-made BBQ sauce and cooks on a bed of red potatoes.

Dan's 16-Bean Soup with Thai Fish (crockpot).

Goya's 16-bean soup is bland on its own, so I added 6.5 ounces of yellowfin tuna and a bag of Thai stir-fry vegetables. This is a crockpot recipe, so the cooking time seems long, but the recipe is extraordinarily easy.

Very Good (5 ratings)
Green Beans and Tomatoes

Simple garlic and herb green beans and tomatoes.

Dan's Tuna mix for Sandwiches

Although I don't mind eating tuna out of a can, it really needs some extra flavor. This one is lemon pepper; use another flavoring if you want.

Dan's Grilled Red Potatoes

Cooking potatoes on the grill is better than in the oven. Cook on any grill, indoors or out.

Dan's Grilled Zucchini

A simple way to grill zucchini. Works outside or inside, charcoal, gas, or electric.

Dan's Italian turkey cheeseburgers

While not the healthiest food on the planet, these burgers are much healthier than the 85% lean cheeseburgers you get at McDonald's... and taste a lot better, too.

Incredible! (3 ratings)
Dan's Pasta Salad with Romano and Pepperoni

This is my regular pasta salad with 6 ounces of pepperoni and romano cheese. Pepperoni adds mostly fat, salt, and a little protein, so feel free to leave it out. I think it adds something extra to the flavor as long as it's consumed in moderation.

Any beans may be used in place of the pinto beans. See the basic pasta salad for a list.

Dan's Pasta Salad

This is my regular pasta salad. For a more flavorful pasta salad, add 6 ounces of pepperoni and 1/4 cup small chunks of Romano cheese. Pepperoni adds mostly fat, salt, and a little protein, so feel free to leave it out. I think it adds something extra to the flavor as long as it's consumed in moderation.

Please feel free to substitute any beans for the pinto beans. Great Northern, red, black, Roman, and Garbanzo beans all work well.

Crockpot Lentils and Sausage

Very simple, four-item meal. Serve with vegetables of your choice. To reduce the sodium content, build your own BBQ sauce.

Crockpot Basic Old-fashioned Chili

Just a basic chili using dried pinto beans, fresh vegetables, and ground turkey instead of hamburger.

Vegan black bean chili, crockpot version

This is an upgraded version of several vegan chilis on SparkPeople. It adds some veggies not in other chilis, plus a shot of low-sodium V8.

Dan's Vegan Stuffed Peppers

I borrowed some ideas from a vegan bake recipe, added rice, garlic, and Italian seasoning, and stuffed Bell peppers with the mixture.

Dan's Italian Mashed Potatoes

I'm making this a recipe because the mashed potatoes in the SparkDiet has substantially more sodium than this recipe has.

American Spaghetti ala Puttanesca

This is an Americanized version my family will eat. I use tuna instead of anchovies, less red pepper than normal, and leave out the capers.

Clean the pantry sloppy joes

This is something I throw together when I can't think of anything else.

Crockpot Tilapia Salad Casserole

This is my version of a tuna salad casserole, substituting healthier (or tastier) ingredients and adding carrots. Notes:
- I guessed 1 cup chopped carrots equals 1/2 cup shredded carrots.
- The calculator doesn't have brown mustard so I used Dijon mustard to calculate.
- I pre-grill my fish outside except in winter, when I use the George Foreman grill. Just add a little lemon juice.

Dan's Personal Peanut Butter sandwich

A simple peanut-butter sandwich to substitute for the separate ingredients in my recipe.

Dan's Healthier Turkey Loaf

Replaces the eggs with apple sauce, the bread crumbs with oatmeal, and adds vegetables.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Crockpot vegetarian split pea soup

This is a "standard" split pea soup, but without the ham. Another crockpot recipe, this can also be made on the stove. Some people like their pea soup well-chopped; if you do, make this on the stove, remove the bay leaf, and run it through a food processor until it reaches the desired consistency.

Crockpot three-bean soup with ground turkey

Easy, stick-in-the-crockpot soup. Tasty, too! This is a double recipe, so you either need a large crockpot or halve the recipe. If you make the whole thing, freeze the leftovers for up to six months.

Crockpot three-bean soup with ground soy crumbles

This is the same soup as my three-bean soup with ground turkey, except substituting soy crumbles for the turkey to make it a vegan meal. This is a double recipe, so you either need a large crockpot or halve the recipe. If you make the whole thing, freeze the leftovers for up to six months.

Chuckwagon Vegetarian BBQ Bean Casserole

From "The Hamburger Cookbook" by Ethel Mayer, converted to use soy crumbles instead of hamburger and add brown rice.

Chuckwagon BBQ Bean Casserole

From "The Hamburger Cookbook" by Ethel Mayer, converted to use ground turkey instead and add brown rice.

Dan's Ridiculously Easy Crockpot Chicken Soup

This soup is made from the "leftovers" of a cooked, whole chicken. I cook a 3-4 pound chicken (skin and fat removed) in the crockpot, saving whatever is left after dinner. The bones are thrown away, the meat separated and put in a plastic container, and the remaining liquid filtered through a brass filtering ladle to remove most of the solids. All of this goes in the fridge. When I want to make the soup, I take the liquid and skim off all fat from the top, add water and all but the noodles into the crockpot, and cook on low for 6 - 8 hours. Just before serving, cook the noodles and add to the soup.

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