Recipes I've Shared:

A_sparkling's Frozen Turkey Philo Pie Entree

Tired of buying frozen meals that were made with lots of extras? Change things up and save dollars. Use your leftovers and save on the sodium, and other things you prefer not to have and go back to a nice homemade pie that cuts the fat by using a thin piece of philo to wrap your custom homemade pie in!

So many possibilities with your veg choice swap them up...maybe have a little dark meat mixed in with the white, maybe make it beef or pork whatever you and your family like you can have on hand for a quick nutrious meal and add an easy side salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing!

You can make one or several depending on your leftovers. Have fun creating your own healthy tasty frozen entrees!

Aloha Broccoli Soup

Low cal broccoli, carrot soup with no salt chicken broth.

Aloha Fall Chili (makes about 11 cups)

a little sweet, a little spicy...and fairly healthy

Bean Sprout Veg Stir Fry

Wanting vegetables and craving some Asian food. This is yummy as it is or you can add some cooked chicken or shrimp as a side or add in already cooked so it soaks some of the lovely flavors into the meat/fish. You could substitute some veg with your other favorites

Pineapple orange smoothie

easy, fast and filling....oh yes and yummy!