Recipes I've Shared:

Raspberry Cheesecake Protein Shake

A delicious low-sugar, high-protein smoothie that tastes like a decadent slice of raspberry cheesecake. No kidding!

Homemade Grilled Stuffed Burrito

Like Taco Bell's, only with far less sodium, less fat, fewer carbs (no rice), plus a whole wheat tortilla, this is a much healthier version. This is a single serving recipe, but you can make the more meat and beans and then save then in the freezer until next time!)

Treehouse Tropical Green Smoothie

A protien based shake with celery, spinach and pineapple.

Treehouse Bacon Breakfast Burrito

A delcious, grilled breakfast burrito with eggs, bacon, provalone cheese, and a whole wheat tortilla.

Raspberry Parfait

A delicious, protein-packed breafast or snack made from yogurt, raspberries, cottage cheese, and granola. As good as any dessert out there!

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