Recipes I've Shared:

Smothered Chicken

My version of the Village Inn Smothered Chicken.

Southwestern Omelet w/cheese

100 Calorie Omelet...YUM

Ready Veggies

With these in the fridge or freezer, you will have your veggies ready to use. Use in all sorts of dishes. I add to scrambled eggs. Fried potatoes and so on. The uses are endless.

Cream of Chicken over brown rice

Quick and easy if you already have cooked chicken breast.

Mmm! Melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies

I don't know where I found this one, but it is sooooo goooood!!!
They are good with or without the glaze.

Pudding Pie

Different pudding flavors and brands may change the nutritional info. I wanted chocolate but didn't have any more chocolate pudding. You could even use chocolate grahams as well. That may change the info too.

Single Serve Chicken Soup

Low calorie, low fat lunch. I had some grilled chicken tenders left over from dinner, So I made this for lunch. Just remember, anything you add will change the nutritional value. It's your diet do it your way.

Fried potatoes

I LOVE fried potatoes!!! I thought it was worth it.

Duncan Hines Lower fat Brownies

13" x 9" Pan size - 20 brownies only 115.4 calories per brownie using unsweetened Applesauce .


Lower calorie pancakes

Sirloin Steak marinaded in Montreal

Great on the grill. Well done in about 25 minutes.

Tina's Chicken Noodle Soup

This is what I did with my leftover chicken breast. Quick and easy. The stats will be a little higher if anything else is added. I thought about adding celery and onions, but it was too late for this time. Will add them next time.