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Recipes I've Shared:

Kev's Toad In The Hole

My version of a classic English dish, 'Toad In The Hole', designed to be compatible with my current weight loss goal.

Kev's Peach and Coconut Bran Muffins

One of my healthiest muffins - and one of my favourites too! Under 76 calories and 1 gram of fat each, and good fibre content too. Pictures are of some cute tree shaped ones I made for Christmas!

Kev's Choc Raspberry Bran Muffins

One of my favourite muffin varieties - a stunning 41 calories each and half a gram of fat!

Kev's Pumpkin and Apple Bran Muffins

Pumpkin brings a sweet and unique flavour to these muffins. Butternut is my favourite, but any type will do, including the canned variety. 83 calories, 1 gram of fat and a full 5.6 grams of fibre in each muffin

Kev's Carrot Cake and Apple Muffins

At 86 calories, just over half a gram of fat and almost 5 grams of fibre, and no egg, these are the healthiest muffin I have ever made, and unbelievably moist and tasty. My new favourite!

Kev's Carrot Cake and Banana Bran Muffins

At 90 calories, just 1 gram of fat and over 4 grams of fibre, and no egg, these are a very healthy muffin and very tasty too.

Kev's Choc Kiwifruit Muffins (Ultra Healthy version)

87 calories each, over 5g of fibre - yummy AND healthy!

NEED MORE MOISTURE NEXT TIME - try with the 3rd Kiwifruit

Kev's Lemon and Coconut Bran Muffins

Classic flavour combination. Under 100 calories, 3g fat. No egg. Optionally you could skip the shredded coconut, for a slightly smaller muffin, with another 15 calories off each one (coconut is HIGH in calories).

Incredible! (1 rating)
Kev's Cheese and Onion Muffins (Ultra Healthy version)

Savoury Muffins - very healthy and only 82 calories each. No added salt, no egg, 1/2 g fat per muffin.

Kev's Kiwifruit Muffins

Deliciously subtle muffins - and 80 calories a piece.

Kev's Banana & Apple Muffins

Homemade lo-cal muffins, using my own home made apple butter as the butter replacement (it's just very reduced stewed and blended apples, with maybe some cinnamon and nutmeg added). And a banana for the classic main flavor. Generic brans brans seem to have a lot less sugar than All Bran, so that's what I use.

Corned Beef and Vegies in Crockpot

My version of the St Patrick's Day traditional meal

Simple Crockpot Apple Butter

I'm not really familiar with apple butter, but this is my attempt after reading some other recipes.

Apple Sauce (or Stewed Apples) in Crockpot

The simplest approach for yummy Apple Sauce or Stewed Apples

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Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Kev's Muffin Cookbook
A collection of my muffinistic creations - you will be shocked how yummy and healthy at the same time a muffin can be!