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Recipes I've Shared:

Savoury Spicy Oatmeal

Low fat, vegetarian anytime dish.

Spicy Menemen

A traditional Turkish breakfast for those who like spicy food.

Budget Chickpea and Veg Stew/Soup

A healthy, low fat, no meat stew or thick soup (vegetarians should substitute vegetable for chicken stock)

Budget Chicken Soup

Healthy and Low cost

Budget Chicken Pasta

Healthy, filling and cheap.

Spicy Individual Pizza

A delicious and filling alternative to commercial pizzas.

Upside-Down Strawberry HoneyNut Cheesecake

A simple, delicious low-fat variation on traditional cheesecake.

Tandoori Rack of Lamb

An tasty Indian-style way of cooking rack of lamb.

Chiken Tikkarish

A low-fat variation on traditional chicken tikka.

Tuna & 9 Vegetable Salad

A spicy, filling salad - high in Vitamin C & Potassium, low in fat.

My Morning Smoothie (no fat)

A rasty smoothie made from fruit only.

Amazing Low-Fat Butter Chicken

A low-fat adaptation of a recipe from Tastes authentic but uses only a small amount of butter! Great with rice or chapatis.

Chilli Lemon Chicken & Mushrooms

Hot and spicy with a zing! Great with potato microwaved in its jacket, topped with a dollop of light sour cream, a few slices avocado and grilled tomato.

Spicy Dhal with Tomato

A healthy, spicy Indian-style dhal with a tomato base.

Mexican Chilli Beans with Mushrooms

A spicy, low fat Mexican dish. Great served with rice or over a potato boiled in its jacket.

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