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Raisin Bran Extra Muffins

Something I tried one day just tinkering about in the kitchen. I was surprised at how good these turned out. No added sugar.

Creamy Banana Pudding

My mom's banana pudding.

Spicy Chicken and Cabbage Soup

A variation of a recipe I found and modified. Very low in fat and very filling. Can add 3 cups of cooked brown rice for about 30 more calories and 1g more fat and fiber. I make lots of this for left overs, for 4 servings just use 1 serrano pepper, 2 chicken breasts 3 cans of low sodium chicken broth, 1 cup carrots, 1 cup cabbage and follow the rest of the recipe.

Hamburger Medley

Just something I threw together one day while cleaning out the cabinets. Can substitute mixed vegetables with any veggie of choice.

Steak and Pepper Balsamic Stir-fry

Something I threw together at home to use up some left over steak. Turned out to be something we all enjoyed.

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