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2.23.13 chili 10x308g 1.2 cups

i rinsed the canned beans so cut sodium down

paprika hendl from Dracula 270 x 8

Jonathan Harker at this at Hotel Royale Klausenburgh on his way to meet Dracula. it is and old version of chicken paprikas. Tomatoes would have not been likely in Spring in the 1890s.

8.9.12 tuna salad 1120g 10 112g svg

should have stayed with the AR1520 sunspot

6.9.12 green bean vegetable chicken

cut up fresh similar size and cook until done with sticks of chicken when vegs are getting done - chick goes quick even frozen - about 5 minutes added on top did that mix with sauce so it does not stick put on top - it will give off a half cup liquid not included in this weight

6.7.12 Lentil turkey tomato potato

66g dry USDA = 1 cup Sparks lentils this made 800g
ends liquid absorbed scant 6c 1322g 265g x 5

1.22.12 black bean chili prob less Na 8x1.5c

lean beef chunks and black beans with tomato and chili

browned pearl onions

see recipe - rather large servings spice it up a bit for cold weather

Festivus soup 12.23.10

vegetable, meat and barley

Focaacia experiment 10.21.10

did not have an avocado so threw in most of a bag of cheese and some spices and baked it 40 minutes at 300-350.

Chicken, broilers or fryers, breast, meat only, cooked, stewed

Chicken, broilers or fryers, breast, meat only, cooked, stewed

Shredded Coleslaw

Use a sharp knife to shred the cabbage finely for an excellent appearance and texture.

Ratatouille a.k.a. rat stew

meatless. A native French speaker told me this is ‘stirred stew’ you may be surprised how good the finished blend is.
A recipe you alter to taste of course. However, I keep the eggplant no less than half the beginning volume. At first it may seem dry, but all cooks down. Use a low heat and cover it. Fresh tomatoes do not improve it.
I used the mushrooms.

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