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Recipes I've Shared:

Quick and Easy Tuna Avocado salad

This is my fallback when I forget to fix lunch the night before. The crunch is satisfying and the dose of healthy fat keeps me full

Thanksgiving Foo Yung

Inspired by my favorite Thanksgiving flavors, including the family spice blend handed down from Great-Grandpa. Tastes fabulous with 1/2 a baked sweet potato. The recipe makes 4 patties so you can easily divide and share or serve as a side dish.

Easy Pancake Bars

These keep well outside the fridge for about a week. It's a cheep and easy to go snack.

Salmon w/ Parmesan Dijon Dill sauce

My first home cooked salmon dish and it was easy! The sauce was inspired by several different recipes.

Savory Quinoa Breakfast Porridge

My favorite alternative to a sweet breakfast. You can play with the ingredients using quinoa as a base. If you add meat (diced ham is a nice addition) add it with the onion.