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this is a 100% paleo friendly cake. guaranteed to be grain free, dairy free, soy free, gluten free.

emeals turkey sausage jambalaya

added into the system to calculate my calories/points

emeals tamale pie

from my emeals. i could think of no other way of calculating the calories/points.

Grandma Ginny's Deer Meat Chili (8 oz)

this is a 4th generational recipe that my kids won't let me alter...

cake cookies

i could not find this in the recipes for nutritional info, and this is a very popular way to make these cookies. yellow cake, chocolate, spice cake, etc can be used. white chocolate, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and nuts can be used...

mogeneo's easy pumpkin pie

found it to be lower fat and much sweeter than normal pumpkin pie. so i stuck with it. huge hit with my family, in-laws and coworkers.

lisa's cheddar broccoli soup

merely trying to lower the fat, and see how many calories i can cut if i use the cream soups instead of creams and half and half...

mogeneo's meatloaf

this is easy easy easy and i am all about that...

Incredible! (1 rating)
CHEDDAR'S chicken and shrimp asian salad

actually, put this recipe in so i could more accurately calculate how many calories i am eating when i order this...

lisa's white chili

for all who don't have time to enslave themselves to the oven, nor do they have time to run and prepare prepare prepare....

broccoli cheddar soup

when i ran out of mushroom soup, i used evaporated milk.. and an extra bag of cheese... 7 pt per cup of soup

Cheating Easy Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

forget about cooking the beans all night long, and chopping up the peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, etc. it's fat free, easy, quick, and a huge hit w/co-workers and/or family and friends for parties...

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buckheads buffalo chili calories