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This is a traditional Middle Eastern cake - as all of them it is extremely sweet. Recipes can be found on other sites, but I wanted to know how many calories are in this one.
These simple cakes are soaked in sugar syrup - as at least half of that is left over, I counted half of the sugar for the cakes.
You will need a decorating bag with a large star-shaped tip (at least 1 cm diameter)
These cakes are fried not baked - I have no idea how much of the oil the cakes took (it pretty much looked the same after they were fried: anyway, you may add the odd spoon full to the calculation: YES it is a calorie bomb!)

Baked kale (with bacon)

This is a great way to get in your leafy green vegetables, even if you hate them. All of my family eats this dish with the fine cheese topping. Best thing; it can even be eaten cold.
This is a non-diet version - but you can elliminate the olive oil and the bacon to cut on calories. Serve with toast.

Cheese pie - the real thing

Nothing's replaced in this one, so you enjoy a piece on your indulge day.

Junia's french salad

* Peas and carrots, frozen, 4 cup (remove)
* Sour Pickles, 1 cup (remove)
* Hard Boiled Egg, .5 cup, chopped (remove)
* Kraft Mayo Light Mayonnaise (Mayo), 2 tbsp (remove)
* Sour Cream, reduced fat, .5 cup (remove)
* Brown Sugar, .5 tsp unpacked (remove)

Fortified Bolognese Sauce

This is a healthy version of the loved dish which easily gets some vegetables into the menu. Beef or pork can be used instead of turkey.

Sarma - with sauerkraut!

Traditionally, sarma is a well loved winter dish made of whole soured cabbage head leaves. It is a must have at any festive circumstances like weddings and especially - Christmas.

You can exchange all the seasoning (incl. onions and egg) for the Croatian seasoning package "FANT za punjenu papriku i sarmu". Look for Fant as well as the "kiseli kupus" (sourkraut heads) in stores with Balkan foods.

Grandma's cabbage stew with pork

This is wholesome low calorie low fat meal - ideal for cold weather.

Anna's Canadian Pancakes

I got this recipe from Anna, my Canadian friend and just wanted to see if the pancake break-down of calories suggested in the nutrition tracker is right for these. Sure enough - it's only 50 cal per pancake (still enough but far less then the ones tracked). You can add a tbsp of butter to the batch, but I found omitting it would not ruin the recipe.

fast bean soup (brzi grah)

A variation of the traditional serbian bean soup

Stuffed Peppers (Punjene paprike)

A traditional Slavic summer dish suitable for big company. Can be prepared the day before.

Cabbage musaka

They don't like cabbage? Well, this is a recipe my cabbage hating family will eat.
You can remove the ham (for less calories and making it a vegetarian dinner)

Vegetable pasta

With a cup of tossed salad this makes a fast dinner or lunch; you can add chicken or salmon to the pasta for more protein.
Makes 4 servings as main meal and 6 as a side dish.

This is a great way to make children eat vegetables (they are hardly visible).

Light burek

light version of a popular Balkan pastry

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