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Recipes I've Shared:

Whipped Potatoes

Smooth and creamy potatoes

Dutch Apple Pie

A quick and easy apple treat (and it's not too bad for you as pies go, either!).

Apple Crisp for One

Just a quick fall time sweet!

Ramen Carbonara

This was a "clean out the fridge" kind of meal for me. Turned out much better than I anticipated! Super tasty, albeit not the healthiest of meals.

Spinach and Mushroom Frittata

This delicious dish is great for breakfast or dinner. I used Monterey Jack cheese, but you can use any kind of cheese you like!

Anytime Meatballs

These tasty, easy meatballs are a great family dinner. The original serving size is three, but two meatballs is PLENTY, so that's the serving size I've calculated.

Southwestern Taco Bake

This is a little different taco casserole: it's topped with cornbread! Gives a bit of sweetness to the kick!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Dump Cake

Similar to most dump cakes, though I used a low-fat, low-cal spray butter over the top instead of a stick of butter. Browned it very nicely!

Instant Chocolate Cake for Two

This fast, easy, MICROWAVE cake will fix your sweet tooth in only a few minutes. Just make sure you share it! The texture is a little spongey, since it's a microwave cake, but it still tastes delicious!

Chipotle Crock Pot Chicken

A southwestern dish I whipped up with items I just had around the kitchen! Watch out; it's spicy!

Whole Wheat Pancakes

This is slightly adjusted from another recipe and includes flaxseed for some extra fiber goodness! Makes about 16 pancakes.

Very Good (1 rating)
Bourbon Chicken

This chicken is so delicious, you'll never order takeout again!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Spiced Pork Chops with Apple Chutney

This recipe is delicious! The chops are a bit spicy, as the name suggests, but the chutney tempers it well.

Couscous Pilaf

This is a good, low-cal way to spice up your couscous! You can leave the olive oil out if you prefer, or use a tablespoon of margarine instead.

Very Good (1 rating)
Feta Cheese and Roasted Corn Quesadillas

From Cooking Light. Original recipe calls for Goat Cheese, but we don't like goat cheese, so we used feta instead. It's a fresh recipe that feels light and filling at the same time. I love it!

Lemony Chicken Breasts with Rice (from Cooking Light)

Easy crock pot recipe from Cooking Light!

Almond-Stuffed Chicken

This is from Cooking Light. It only takes about half an hour to make, and it is SUPER delicious. What more could you ask for?