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Chicken Pot Pie

Have you ever looked at the nutritional info on the back of a frozen chicken pot pie? You should.

Makes four servings

Really good way to satisfy your hearty meal craving without being too hearty on the calories and fat.

If you are really creative you can make this when you have leftover veggies and chicken!
**Add what ever 98% Fat Free Soup you like such as Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Celery, etc.
The sodium content on this is not with the low sodium soup I used. I will update it when I get a new can.

Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas

This tastes just like you are in a mexican restaurant! Honestly. My boyfriend and I both love it. It really is super easy. Mix the sour cream mixture, brown chicken, roll, and bake!
Add some hot peppers if you want to kick up the heat.
Each enchilada is a serving.

Choco-Cherry Smooth shake

I came up with this because I always seem to have both of these items in my fridge.

Great way to satisfy your chocolate craving or a milkshake craving.

I love cherries, if you don't substitute it for rasberry or strawberry.

Sunrise Smoothie

Great snack or breakfast!

It works best if you peel the banana and freeze it or keep it in the fridge. Adding room temperature items to a smoothie is not ideal.

Lettuce Wraps

These are really good and you can add or subtract what ever you like to make it your own.
Do whatever you like, add nuts, hot peppers, or extra vegtables it will taste good.
Super healthy. Great if you are over on carbs for the day.

Cabbage Soup (Thanks Aunt Liz!)

This cabbage soup is great. Honestly, I won't eat cabbage or cole slaw but I love, love, love this soup.
You may need to add some extra broth the next day.
Shredded carrots are also goo to add. If you want to add them put them in with the celery.
I stole the recipe from my Aunt :)

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