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Recipes I've Shared:

Sara's Simple Meatloaf

This is simple blend of pork and beef for a great flavor that is moist. Tastes better the second day!

Very Good (1 rating)
Chicken Hashbrown Casserole

I struggled late in the day with what I could make for dinner using what i had on hand. This was prepared and in the oven in less than 10 minutes, including clean up time.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Simple Peanut Butter Cookies

These are so easy to make and bake. It is really Paula Deen's Magical Peanut Butter Cookie recipe but I used real sugar on top, so needed the calorie counts for that.

Black Bean Brownies

A slightly modified version of a tried and true recipe that is liked by all. I've made this full sugar several times and get as good or better raves using this reduced sugar recipe.

These taste awesome, I promise, just don't tell anyone what is in them until after they eat one. Print out the nutrional stats because everyone can eat these brownies. Bake up a bunch and be a hit at the company potluck or holiday party.

Print up a bunch of recipe cards because you'll need them when your friends ask for the recipe.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Heart Healthy Pumpkin Pie

If you're going to bake, make a heart healthy treat for your family. This delicious pie uses only a small amount of oil in the crust and the filling uses lower fat versions of ingredients without losing any of the flavor.

This is incredibly light and airy for pumpkin pie and you can afford to add a dolop of fresh whipped cream on top, if you like.

Very Good (16 ratings)
Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin

This is a "dry" rub for pork but could be used on other meats as well. It is perfect way to add some flavor to an otherwise bland cut of pork. It is spicy-warm and sweet and crispy on the outside with all the juices on the inside just waiting for you to cut in and take a bite.

Farfalle with Yogurt and Zucchini

I got this recipe from one of my favorite sources; Food and Wine! I've read a few other recipes lately for reducing your overall carb and calorie content in pasta dishes by substituting a portion of pasta with a veggie like Zucchini, so I dug this out of my archives and dusted it off for this week. Yummy!

Homemade Granola

This is a super yummy granola where you control the quality of the ingredients. This is great with yogurt for breakfast or as a snack before or after a workout. This is great for folks with a very active lifestyle who need a boost of energy, as it is high in carbs and fat. Give it a try!

S Parks Iced Latte

I'm spending a pretty penny at Starbucks so I started supplementing my new addiction at home. I have a counter full of fantastic equipment, so I put them all to use.

Sara's Tuna Salad

A real staple in my house.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Ricotta Cheese Bake with Roasted Sirloin

I was after the baked ricotta but realized I had some lean sirloin that was oven roasted the night before that could be tasty on top of an already delicious side item. Why not bake it all up in to one?

Parks Family Texas Caviar

You can't really mess this recipe up since it is all about tickling your tast buds. Just add a little more of a litte less of the things you enjoy. If your tomatoes and jalapenos are in season and ready from your garden, use those instead of rotel. I really like to add fire roated peppers to keep it different. This is a great substitute for creamy potato or pasta salad since it has almost NO fat with good protein and fiber content. Enjoy!

Sara's Meatloaf with venison

I went freezer diving yesterday and found a little more than a pound of lean venison. I ground it up and add about a pound of pork and lean ground chuck to make this tasty meatloaf.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Loaded Chile Relleno Casserole

I modified the following recipe to add some protein, using what I already had on hand. Chicken or taco meat or any other meat would be good, too.

It is easy to make, and easy to eat!

Yammy Shrimp Cakes!!!

I've eaten a fattier version of this recipe from Southern Living before and it was called Shrimp and Yam Cakes, but recently saw another version of the recipe in an I Can't Believe It's Not Butter ad so I thought I'd modify it to my taste. I hope you enjoy it.

Chicken and Dressing

I like to take advantage of the specials in the grocery and this week I picked up chicken leg quarters for $0.69 per pound. I find that if I buy the peices in quarters instead of already cut, I get larger peices of chicken.

I cut the leg from the thigh, remove the skin and the remaining fat from the meat. Sprinkle a little paprika on top before cooking so it browns consistently without the skin.

Very Good (5 ratings)
Easter Ham Bone and Beans

Excellent way to clean the ham bone of all the meat after Easter. Soak beans overnight or the morning before cooking.

Very Good (12 ratings)
Chicken Parmesan

This is a lower fat version of the original as served in restaraunts. It takes almost no time to cook and clean up.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Oven Ready Bran Muffins

I got this receipe off the back of the Hodgson Mill Wheat Bran Box. My grocery store sells bulk Unprocessed Wheat bran for much cheaper, so check yours out and buy it fresh when you need it. I do the same with whole wheat flour.

Mix batter according to directions and store in refrigerator in an air tight container for 2 - 4 weeks so you can enjoy fresh baked muffins any time. These muffins can be customized to your tastes by adding dried fruit, nuts, seeds or chocolate just before baking.

These are just sweet enough and taste really delicious. Avoid overmixing and your muffins will turn out light and moist.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Chicken soup with beans

This was created after a quick exam of the freezer and pantry. It is yummy, simple to make and easy to clean up after since it only uses one pan.

Incredible! (1 rating)

Perfect light snack that can be served with warm flat bread or veggies.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Spinach and Artichoke Dip

I got this recipe from Houston's. I have always thought their dip tasted better than any other restaraunts that I tried. This has been slightly modified to use half and half as opposed to heavy cream and light sour cream as opposed to full fat sour cream. It saves almost 600 calories in total by doing it this way. I've also substituted whole wheat flour for the white flour I used in the past.

You can reduce the fat a tad further, but I wasn't willing to compromise any flavor.

Egg Salad

I eat egg salad often and find it is tasty and complimentary to a whole grain, whole wheat toast.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Sara's Nutty Chicken and Cheese Bites

These spicy meatballs are super tender and delicious. I like to dip then in a little Fage yogurt mixed with dry Ranch dressing mix.

I usually double the recipe. I freeze the balls individually and thrown them in a ziploc, pulling out only what I need to cook each time. The balls will defrost fairly quickly.

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