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Faux Veggie Fried Rice

yummy healthy alternative to the Chinese food fave

Low Cal French Toast

very yummy, traditional French toast

Erin's Post-Workout Banana Strawberry Protein Shake

Yummy post-workout protein fruit smoothie

Erin's Chicken Marsala w/ Fiber Gourmet Pasta

yummy, lower calorie dish with some pasta as well!! (remove the pasta and you can save 130 calories!!)

Fiber Gourmet Pasta Salad

Yummy summer-time pasta salad!

Erin's Guiltless Banana Bread

yum yum and very low cal !!!

Erin's Pumpkin Craisin Muffins (or Bread)

Yummy pumpkin craisin muffins!

Erin's Turkey Pot Pie

A yummy turkey pot pie

HG's Cookie-riffic Ice Cream Freeze

Did you really think you'd have to go thru life without enjoying the chocolatey goodness of an Oreo shake? Not a chance! Take HG's Cookie-rific Ice Cream Freeze out for a spin. It has all the great taste of the fast food version, without all of the nasty consequences.

HG's Frozen Fudge-Dipped Strawberry Mudslide

If you loooove chocolate-covered strawberries, you're REALLY gonna dig this frosty cocktail...

Very Good (1 rating)
HG's Chipitty Do Dah Cookies

HG has developed a recipe for extra-soft, chocolate-chip-packed cookies, each with a POINTS® value of 1*. Their doughy double C creation is actually more like a hybrid of cookies, soft snack bars, and muffins! And unlike some other cookie recipes that yield four dozen cookies and require several baking pans (who needs FOUR DOZEN cookies?!?), their recipe makes exactly eight chunky soft cookies for your chewing pleasure! What are you waiting for? Grab the chocolate chips and flour... STAT!

HG's Holy Moly Cannoli (w/out cone!)

yum yum ... and no cone... only 2 points!

Incredible! (1 rating)
HG's Holy Moly Cannoli Cones

very yummmmmy!!

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