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Breakfast Egg Burrito

I used the salami because is what I had on hand. But you can substitute for a healthier lunch meat. Only 70 calories for each salami slice.

Red peppers, onions, feta and spinach omelete

This recipe is only for one serving, you can add more veggies and meat, be sure to calculate extra calories.
Easy and delicious!

Crab Salad

This is a healthy crab salad without mayo, few ingredients and is delicious.

Chicken Lettuce Wrap

This is a healthy version of the original chicken tacos. Use the lettuce leaves as wraps!

Steak with sautee onions and red peppers

You can substitute olive oil instead of canola oil and also you can add more vegetables.

Omelette Delight

You can try this omelette with ham or other type of meat

Ecuadorian Salsa

Very healthy and delicious

Chicken with mushroom sauce

This is only for one serving. You can add bread crumbs to bake it and make sure you add the additional calories for this.

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