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Recipes I've Shared:

Corn Bread

sweet moist corn bread

Kathy's Lentil Tomato Soup

Delicious Lentil soup my cousin brought while we were staying with my Dad in the Rehab Cntr.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Honey and coconut oil chocolate chip cookies

using the recipe calculator

Smoked Fish Salad, (any smoked fish)

We love smoked white fish salad, so thought maybe smoked butterfish would be just as good, and it is!

cheese cake

My husband really loved this!

Hearty Wholegrain Blueberry Pancakes

hearty, very filling pancakes

wheat and honey bread (manna) for Sunday School class

I am just using the recipe calculator for a concoction I made for an illustration of what manna may have tasted like when the children of Israel were in the wilderness and God fed them with manna which tasted like wafers with honey.

Stuffed Peppers

Using the recipe calculator

Green MUFA salad dressing chan

salad dressing made from good fats for the flat belly diet

raisin cinnamon oatmeal cookies

A healthy oatmeal cookie that is really delicious.
My husband loves these cookies!

Coconut Chocolate - Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

I am tasting them now, warm right out of the oven. They are really delicious! Hubby is going to love these!

Hebrew National Beans and Franks

Adapted from Chef Meg's Boston Bean makeover

Golden 86 bread

A soft hearty bread made from home ground flour. White wheat has almost no fiber, so I only eat this bread when the food log says I already have had enough fiber. very yummy

Mixed berry banana smoothie

delicious and nutricious

Very Good (1 rating)
Oma's Potato Soup

One of my husband's favorite soups - great lunch with home made bread and butter.

Whole Wheat Humus Bread

Tasty whole grain bread

Throat soother - for colds and sore throats

A pleasant tasting and comforting throat soother when your throat is sore from coughing or you have a cold.

Guiltless potato salad - serving size 3/4 cup

A very tasty potato salad lower in calories and fat

Ruthie's Salmon Chowder

A creamy chowder that is satisfying and healthy!

Oatmeal Martzipan

A tasty, healthy way to eat oatmeal!
Healthy carbs and protein!