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Recipes I've Shared:

Bakers corner pancakes recipe

Prepared using 1/8 cup batter

Kolache kifli cookie dough

This is for Polish kifli dough only. Does not include filling as those are at discretion of each baker. My favorites are homemade tart cherry, homemade blueberry, homemade pineapple, and lemon or lime (using Dickerson lime curd) When I make my own filling I use cornstarch and fresh fruit to thicken and cut sweetness. The added benefit is greatly reduced sugar and reduced spreading of filling.

Green Bombshell

a delicious green drink you can either blend in Ninja or juicing machine. I use the Ninja smoothie cup that came with the Ninja system to make mine.

gluten free oat pancakes

this is my first attempt at gluten-free cooking. I have not included the oil for cooking these because that is a personal preference.

Egg Pancake

Recipe my grandmother devised over 70 years ago when my mother was a child. a family favorite. not perfectly healthy but yummy. counts do not include any oil or butter that you may use


Made with no sugar, sweetened with sweet potato and some carrot

Homemade Buttermilk Drop Biscuits -

While not much is changed from the original recipe I received from my grandma, I did reduce the salt and made these a smaller size.

coleslaw, revised - Whitehouse chicken house

this is my revised version of the local whitehouse chicken cole slaw. It has less oil -I used olive oil vs. vegetable oil, no sugar (i used ideal but splenda may be used)
the sweetener may be reduced
vinegar may be increased or decreased based on your personal taste. I prefer mine a bit tart.

Vegetable Soup wih Chicken - homemade

This soup is yummy and satisfying way to use wonderful fresh produce from your garden or the farmers market

Instant Oatmeal Mix

I cannot stand the pre-packaged instant oatmeal mixes even though I enjoy the ease of preparation.
Just like the packs this is simply put into a bowl and add hot water. (more or less according to personal desire)

Possible add -ins
-peanut butter and sugar free hot cocoa mix
-cinnamon and Ideal or splenda
-raisin, crasins,dried fruit

-you get the idea

using the same ratio I pre-mix a huge batch of the dry ingredients in a large container and shake it together so I only have to scoop 1/2 cup into a bowl in the morning. If you are on the go it could be scooped into baggie or bowl to enjoy later.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Edamame Hummus

I like this better than regular hummus (not a fan of chick peas) I like it extra garlicky so this uses 2 garlic cloves. Use whatever you like to season / flavor it up. (cumin, dried tomatoes, chives..whatever suits you.)

Hungarian Nut Roll

authentic Hungarian nut roll made by church ladies. Rolled in sugar this is absolutely not part of any diet plan. The slices are very thin so adjust your calculations according to the size you slice.

Fabulous Fresh Veggie Omelet

This omelet is wonderful with fresh steamed veggies and feta cheese. (substitute shredded cheese of your choice if desired). This is a great 1,2 punch to satisfy and keep the sugar monster at bay. LOL
I then top with 1-2 T. salsa and 1-2 T. Greek yogurt **these are not included in values as they are an added option.

Pork and Sauerkraut (crockpot style) from Rosi

Delicious recipe. Even my son who hates "kraut" love this

Breakfast Cookies

This "cookie" is packed with alot of nutrients that has staying power that satisfies.Very tasty and filling. great for busy mornings.** It is very similar to the organinc muffin tops that sell in the freezer section for a fraction of the cost.(The original recipe is from the cooking channel healthy cooking with Ellie Kreiger)
I have made alterations to the original recipe that I liked. ie: addition of flax, using 1/2 applesauce instead of the original that called for baby food carrots only, using crasins and raisins and the addition of cardamon. ( the use of pastry flour keeps the cookie light tasting.)

Authentic Italian Meatballs- the best

This recipe was handed down for 5 generations (not mine, I am Polish) by my sisters best friend's great, great,great grandmother. I really like this recipe and I believe so will you. ( the only change I made to the original recipe was to use 1/2 ground turkey (85/15) and lean ground beef (93% lean) This makes A LOT of meatballs, but they will go FAST!!!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Rosi's Buckeyes

This recipe originated from my sister who got it from her mother-in-law and has been perfected over the course of 40 years. The only adjustment that I have made is the use of melting chocolates because they are easy to use and more predictable (She uses chocolate chips and parafin)
Use only Jif peanut butter and stick margarine (butter will not work in this recipe) and be sure to melt the margarine for perfect buckeyes every time.

This recipe may be reduce in size. I use a professional 6 qt. KitchenAid mixer

Hot Sauce , original Whitehouse (1 serving is approx 1/2 c.)

Served at Whitehouse chicken house in Barberton, Ohio

Very Good (3 ratings)
Original Whitehouse Coleslaw (oil and vinegar style)

This recipe is from the chicken dinner house in my hometown of Barberton, Ohio. They are famous for what they call "Barberton Chicken" which came from the "old country". This is I believe a slovak / hungarian / chek recipe. It is not low in anything!! I do substitute splenda or stevia from time to time