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seed cake for Beltane

A traditional May Day treat, adapted for gluten free diets. You could substitute margarine for casein-free.


A traditional Greek soup. good protein level, easy, silky and rich

GF/ultra low Casein cheese sauce

A Gluten-free, ultra low Casein cream sauce you can use anywhere regular cream sauce will work. (Because Manchego sheep's milk cheese contains no cow's or goat's milk, many people who can't have either are fine with this. However, if you have a milk _allergy_ rather than casein intolerance, consult your allergist before trying this!

GF meatballs

made with gluten-free oats, these cook up as firm and flavorful as the traditional meatballs made with bread crumbs.

dolmas Arastorm

Easy low-fat stuffed grape leaves

casein-free pumpkin pie filling

almond milk adds a lovely touch to this dairy-free, low-fat pumpkin pie filling. For even more calorie reduction, cook it without a crust.

easiest carrot soup

six ingredients, 15 minutes

oil free Caramelized onions

caramelized onions without fat.

cheap soup

vary veggies and add spices for many different flavors

Depression era poor man's dinner

Four ingredients. From the You-tube video, worked out by me. Surprisingly good, extremely simple. Make with shredded turkey ham for great low-fat option.

Mounds flavor pudding

Tastes like a Hershey's Mounds bar.

green bean and burger stash

This can be stew or hash, depending on how long you let it thicken. Simple, fast, tasty, cheap

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Gluten-free, casein-free, Feingold... and good!
Too many gluten-free cookbooks use lots of dairy. too many dairy-free cookbooks use lots and lots of wheat, barley, and rye. And the Feingold cookbook is full of both... I raised a Feingold son while living GF/CF and lived to tell the tale.